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DIY Paper Gift Boxes

DIY Paper Gift Boxes

Our home contains endless odds and ends. Craft bits and pieces: Rainbow loom bands, Perler beads, sequins, googly eyes, rock collections, barrettes.

The solution: Boxes! Made out of sturdy cardstock, with a lid to keep things in place. Of course, such boxes are also perfect for small gifts!


  • Paper cutting blade such as an X-acto Knife (I use blade #11)
  • Liquid Glue 
  • Scoring tool
  • Printer
  • Ruler and cutting mat



  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers in 100lb:
    • Blu Raspberry
    • Berrylicious
    • Grape Jelly
    • Grapesicle
    • Sour Apple
    • Gumdrop Green
  • (note that 80 lb paper will also work well, but will be slightly less sturdy)

DIY Cardstock Paper Gift and Trinket Boxes


Print out a Box Bottom and Box Top for as many boxes as you’d like to make.

Using a cutting blade, cut along the Solid lines.

DIY Cardstock Paper Gift and Trinket Boxes Cutting with X-Acto Knife

Using a scoring tool, score along the Dotted lines.

Fold the cardstock so that sharp creases form along all the dotted lines.

DIY Cardstock Paper Gift and Trinket Boxes Scoring


Watch this video to see how to fold the box together. Have your liquid glue ready!


Repeat the process for as many lids and bottoms as you need. The lids will fit snuggly atop the boxes. The boxes are ready for your odds, ends and treasures! It would hold a Mother’s Day gift nicely :)

DIY Cardstock Paper Gift and Trinket Boxes Finished

You can resize the boxes - be sure to magnify or shrink Both print outs by the same percentage.

DIY Cardstock Paper Gift and Trinket Boxes Stacked

Have fun creating and getting organized!

Be sure to share your boxes with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Spring! - Jen (GinkgoMaker)

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Amazing! I love to watch this video. These boxes are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us many type of information. This is very helpful blog.
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