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DIY 3D Paper Stars Decor

DIY 3D Paper Stars Decor

Three-dimensional stars are a striking decor element for most any occasion! Birthday parties, holidays, baby showers, or just to liven up your kids’ rooms. Choose your color palette according to season and festivity! These stars make full use of Cardstock Warehouse’s Pearlescent line: Stardream Collection, and would no doubt also look amazing in Mirror and Sparkle cardstock.


  • FREE Download: 3D Star .pdf
  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • I used Stardream Lagoon, Gold and Lapis Lazuli in my example, but use whatever color suits your fancy! Each 8.5"x11" sheet will make one 3-dimensional star. 
  • Paper cutting blade such as an X-Acto Knife (I use blade #11)
  • Glue Dot Glue Lines*
  • Scoring tool (I use a butter knife, non-cutting edge)
  • Printer
  • Ruler and cutting mat
  • 10” length of string for each star that you make (or choose a length suited to your needs)

*Trimmed Glue Dots may also be used, though Lines are better suited for this project. Double-sided tape is NOT strong enough. Glue such as Zig glue pen or Glue gun will work but is messier.

Consider your printer capabilities - my laserjet does not like 105# heavyweight Stardream paper, but my inkjet handles it just fine. A lighter weight cardstock such as 80# will also work just fine for this project.


Download the “3D Star” printable above and print on your paper of choice. You may want to do a practice run first, with less fancy cardstock before using specialty cardstock. Allow ink to dry.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Supplies

Cut out your five shapes following the solid lines, using a ruler and blade.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Cutting Pieces

Using your scoring tool, score along the printed dotted lines. Make sure your score lines go through to the corners.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Scoring Pieces

Fold the five cutouts along the scored lines. The printed dot lines will be hidden inside the 3D star, so be sure to make your folds so that they enclose the printed lines.

 Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Scored Pieces

Fold the string in half and tie a knot in the end.

Place glue lines along the long flap of one cut out.

Fold cut out in half so that it forms a kite shape, make sure the flap with adhesive is tucked in, and press together.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Assembling Kites

Make 4 more kite shape in the same manner as above, minus the string.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Finished Kites

Press the kite shapes along the long edge, and flatten so that they are now arrow shapes. Do this with all five shapes.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Finishing Kites

Place glue dot strips along 2 short flaps.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Adhesive Placement

Line up two arrow shapes and adhere pair of flaps of the first arrow to those of the second arrow. Once attached, the two cutouts should look like this.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Finishing Kites

Continue to place glue lines along the short flaps so that all 5 cutouts are attached together.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Attaching Kites

Holding the two outermost points, gently fan out the star. Add a final set of glue lines to the exposed flaps to close the hole.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Finishing Star

Create as many stars as you like! To take this project steps further, cut out decorative holes in your star pieces, or perhaps use stamps to print a pattern on your start pieces before scoring.

Cardstock Paper 3D Stars Decor Finished Stars

Have fun with this very versatile star!

Be sure to share your creations with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Have fun star-making and Happy Spring! - Jen (GinkgoMaker)

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Such a good tutorial!!!Clear,helpful,i made some with Christmas themed card and then are perfect decorations!!

Polly Green

THANK YOU for sharing!!!!
very CLEAR instructions.
done making starssssssss


I’m loving this. Detailed instructions should be easy peats. I’m about to find out. When I do I’ll let you know.


Lovely stars, great template and easy to follow instructions. I live in the alps in Austria and am making them for Christmas. I printed the template on gooed quality wrapping paper and it looks fantastic. I’m not on Facebook or Instagram, otherwise I would have added a photo. It would be great if there was a template for a smaller version too, so I could make a mixed display. Going to make some more this evening. Thanks very much!


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