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Creating Perfect Paper Flowers

Creating Perfect Paper Flowers

Hello crafty friends, welcome back to the Cardstock Warehouse Blog. It’s Neftalí here today with you, and I am excited to be coming to you this month with some fabulous paper floral tips and tricks, and a sweet 12x12 layout at the end. I wanted to share with you all a fun 2-part process video tutorial for creating the most beautiful paper flowers ever! 

DIY Paper Flowers

Have you used Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers to create paper flowers yet? I am in love with the newest Merry-Go-Round Cardstock Collection multi-pack. I used all the pretty colors of this pack for my flowers. It’s got all the color choices you need to make the prettiest flowers! 

DIY Paper Flower Jar Scrapbook Layout with Paper Swatches

Today I want to focus on making paper flowers and what tools are best for making them look real and natural. To achieve that, I am using the Tonic Floral Creatives Craft Tool Set. These tools were made specifically for paper floral crafting. I tried it out and have never loved a tool so much to get the perfect 3D flower. This tool and the multipack make magic happen! So let’s get crafty…

DIY Paper Flower Pieces and Tools

Are you ready? Let’s gather our supplies before we begin:

Today you’ll need:

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Merry-Go-Round Cardstock Collection Multi-Pack
    • White Birch Wood Veneer 12PT Paper Pack
  • Die cutting or Electric cutting machine
  • Build-Your-Own flower die set or digital cut files 
    • (I used this exact cut file)
  • Glue
  • Paper Flower Tool Set
  • Embellishments of choice for your layout.

The first step is to get all your petals and leaves cut. I used a Silhouette Design store project cut file to have this assortment of flowers. I also cut out a mason jar shape using the white birch wood veneer papers from the shop. I was so excited to try out this wood veneer paper. For the paper flowers, I used the tools to give them life and turn them into 3D flowers.

DIY Paper Flowers Die Cut Pieces

So here’s a quick 3 step way to use these embossing tools them for flower petals and leaves:

Step 1: Bring your cut out petal to the foam mount, grab a medium to large rounded tool and press down onto the petal and move in a circular motion around petal until it has curled. Repeat until all your petals are pressed and curled.

Curling Leaves of Vine

For my particular project, I decided to also curl some green leafy vines.

Step 2: Grab the skinniest round embossing tool you can find and use that to create creases on your leaf cuts. For my project, I just made one simple crease in the center of each leaf, and folded it up to give a more fabulous dimension!

Scoring Leaf Center for DIY Flowers

Step 3: Follow your specific flower steps to build your flowers one petal at a time. You can use wet glue, or a hot glue gun, just watch those fingers! Some petals are very small.

This part of the project is fun and slow-paced. It’s the best way to relax at your workspace and take your time while you fluff up your pretty 3D paper flowers.

In the end, you’ll have a beautiful handful of paper flowers! Literally!

Handful of DIY Paper Flowers

You can watch how I used all these steps to create each flower using these awesome tools below, today’s PART 1 Process Video. 

But wait, there’s more! Come back for the end project share I made using this beautiful handful of flowers….


So now that you have the technique of flower making, you can make as many lovely posies as you’d like, and create something beautiful with it. I decided to create a 12x12 layout, because that is my favorite project to put pretty flowers on. 

DIY Paper Flowers in a Jar Scrapbook Layout

My layout was very simple to make. I started by washing my white background with some very soft pink acrylic paint using a medium brush. I then recreated the original cut file project idea onto my page, but tweaked it a bit by adding a picture and title.

DIY Paper Flower Jar Scrapbook Layout

This kind of project will probably be best stored and shared in a box frame, but it is beautiful and stunning nonetheless. Look at those 3D paper flowers! 

DIY Paper Flower Jar Scrapbook Layout

I’m sharing PART 2 Process Video here with you all, to see how I created my final layout using all the pretty flowers I made in part 1.



Well, friends, I hope you guys are feeling ready to make some paper flowers using the Cardstock Warehouse gorgeous and colorful cardstock multi-packs and these great tools that simplify your flower making. 

Check out al the colors in the shop to create a myriad of paper flowers. As always, we would love to see your creations, so don’t forget to tag us #cardstockwarehouse on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page. We love seeing your projects! 

Until next time, stay crafty friends! 







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