Wedding Tuxedo Gift Bag

Wedding Tuxedo Gift Bag

Hi, Crafty Friends! I wanted to share with you an awesome gift bag idea thats sure to leave an impression! What I love about this DIY gift bag is its versatility. It can be used to give a gift to the perfect room, groomsmen gifts, or even for Father's Day or prom!


Before we get into this beautiful and easy to put together bag, I want to make a note to keep in mind. While the bag is designed to be used with ribbon to create handles, I actually love how it looks more without the handles. The Stardream cardstock paper (as many other papers you’ll find on Cardstock Warehouse) provides the perfect weight and so you can omit the handles if you’d like. If you want to make a bag without handles, don’t forget to remove the holes before cutting. :) To begin this project, you’ll need to upload the SVG into Cricut (or your preferred cutting machine).

die cut pieces for Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

We’ll begin our assembly by folding along the score/dashed lines. You’ll notice the white shirt piece has dashed lines, however, no folding is necessary there. The creator designed this to look like stitching on a shirt. The collar should be folded towards you to create the illusion of an open shirt.

assembling Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

Next, we’ll glue the bag together. What works beautifully here is that once you glue the two sides of the bag together, we’re halfway done - so if you have plenty of these to make, you’ll finish quickly. Don’t glue the bottom of the bag just yet, as it is easier to get the shirt on while the bag is flat.

assembling Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

As we move on to the shirt, we will line up the pieces so they fit nicely on top of each other as seen in the photo.

assembling shirt collar for Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

Next we’ll get into the buttons. This part of the assembly has three pieces, however, I decided to only use two. Please do as you see fit. I used my glue on the button with the four holes and lined it up directly with the closed circle. If you’d like to use the additional trim, go ahead and glue the open circle outline on top of the button with the four holes. After, you’ll notice that the shirt we assembled has score lines that serve as placement guides for the buttons to be aligned. Go ahead and glue those directly on.

adding final details to Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

As we continue assembling, we’ll grab the bag and notice that one side has markings and the other is blank. The blank side will be the back of the bag, while the side with the markings (placement guides) will be the front. This is where we will line up and glue our shirt piece.

assembling Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

Now that our shirt is glued directly on the bag, we can move on the with pocket and handkerchief - which as you guessed it, have placement guides for the perfect alignment!

assembling Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

Next, we’ll add the bow onto our bag for the perfect touch. If you have a wooden dowel or scoring stylus, you can use this to create a curved shape in the bow tie. Then, we’ll add glue onto the square part of the bow and have both flaps meet and glue it in the middle. Additionally, we’ll add a strip in the center to keep it all nice and aligned. I decided to add foam tape for some depth on the shirt, but it can be glued directly on if you’d like.

assembling bowtie for Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

Lastly, we’ll glue the flaps to secure the bottom of the bag for any goodies you’d like to place inside. My recommendation is to glue the final flap of the bag so that the flap faces the back part of the bag. I used hot glue for this so it is nice and sturdy.

assembling Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

*If you’d like to add ribbon handles to your bag, you can use the additional circles inside the file that serve as reinforcement tabs to prevent tearing of the bag hole area. If you decided to not use handles, you can choose not to cut these pieces of the file.

These gift bags would be perfect for a gift the groom, groomsmen, father of the bride/groom, or you could even change the colors and use it as a Father's Day gift! 

Groom's Tuxedo Wedding Gift Bag

I hope this inspired you to Make Something Beautiful®! Follow me at @lacedesignsstudio for more party and paper decor ideas, and share your creations with Cardstock Warehouse on Facebook and Instagram! Tag your projects with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page!

Happy Crafting!

Amanda (@lacedesignsstudio)

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