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Solar System Birthday Party

Solar System Birthday Party

As many kids are, my daughter is OBSESSED with all things Outer Space. Rockets, planets, asteroids, you name it. So for her 8th birthday party, I decided to go all out on the Solar System theme. If you have a kid that loves Outer Space, this is the blog for you! Let's get started! 


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Pop-Tone 100lb Lemon Drop, Banana Split, Grape Jelly, Grapesicle, Orange Fizz, Razzle Berry, and Sweet Tooth White
    • Colorplan 100lb Pale Grey, Real Grey, Smoke, Dark Grey, Claret, Amethyst, Imperial Blue, Turquoise, Candy Pink, Park Green, Azure Blue, and Purple
    • Stardream Anthracite
    • Silver Mirror
    • Silver MirriSparkle
  • Zig glue pen
  • Glue dots
  • Hot glue gun with glue
  • Plastic food picks
  • Plastic pipettes
  • Paper straws
  • Safety Pins
  • Gift bags
  • Black sheet (for the backdrop)

Let's start with the planets for the cake topper. You can use all of these together on one cake like I did, or you can put each one individually on a cupcake. I used all of the papers listed above to create these planets. I used 100lb paper to make them nice and sturdy. To make your own, you can search for things like "planets," "solar system," "Mars," etc in your die-cutting machine's software to find similar images.

I wanted my toppers to be double-sided, so I created two of each piece. For Saturn and Uranus (the ones with rings around them) I flipped the second copy so they would line up when you glue them back-to-back. 


solar system cupcake toppers cricut files


Here are the pieces and the colors I cut each piece out with. 


labeled pieces for planet toppers


I used my Zig Glue Pen to assemble my pieces because the roller ball tip is great for small pieces. You can see how I assembled each piece in the video below. 



Once all of your pieces are assembled, they should look like this:


assembled paper planets 

To turn them into toppers, I glued each piece to a plastic butterfly food pick. The butterfly is irrelevant, they were just cheap food picks I found on Amazon. Take one of the planets of each set, add hot glue to the back, attach the food pick, add more glue, then add the second planet on top facing the other way. 

 turning paper planets into cupcake toppers


Ta-da! Look how great they look all together in the cake! 


paper planet toppers in galaxy cake


Now that we have the toppers done, let's move on to the party favors. I made two different favors for each guest- a rocket straw that actually shoots, and a personalized bag full of toys and goodies. You will use THIS Cricut project for the straws and bags. Just copy all the parts and paste as many as you will need for each person. 

To make the rocket straws you will need paper straws, plastic pipettes, and paper rockets. I cut the rocket backs out of Sweet Tooth White, and the rocket fronts out of Grape Jelly, Park Green, Razzle Berry, and Turquoise. To make these little launchers, you will cut the tip off the plastic pipette, glue the rocket to the pipette, then insert the pipette into the paper straw. When you blow on the other end of the straw, the rocket will launch off the end. The kids at the party thought this was big fun, and there were rockets flying all over the house for the whole party! 


attaching rockets to pipettes for launching straws


They turned out so cute and colorful! 


rocket straw launchers


The party favor bags use the other rocket file in the Cricut project above. I cut the rockets out of the same colors as the straw rockets, Turquoise and Stardream Anthracite for the circles behind the rocket, and Silver Mirror and Silver MirriSparkle for the stars. I also cut the names out for each bag using Park Green. You can use whatever font you have in your system that you like. Once you have all your pieces cut, simply attach the layers to whatever bags you have on hand using Glue Dots. I purchased dark blue gift bags for each child.


rocket ship gift bags

party favor gift bags 

The final step to complete this party is to assemble the banner. I used the same planets for the banner as I did for the cake toppers, just bigger. I also added a big number 8 to the sun, and the letters to spell out my daughters name on the planets. The Cricut Design Space project for this banner is set up to allow you to add your own number and name. Simply double-click on the text to edit it. The colors for each of these pieces are also the same as the cake toppers, and I used the Silver MirriSparkle for the letters. 


Design Space Banner Files


Once your banner pieces are assembled, attach a loop of string with some clear tape to the back of each piece. This will allow you to hang them on your backdrop with safety pins. 


attaching string loops to back of banner pieces


To create the space display, I bought a cheap black top sheet from Amazon and hung it on the wall of our living room using push pins. Then I cut out a TON of Silver Mirror and Silver MirriSparkle stars and attached them to the sheet using glue dots. Once you have all the stars attached, hang the pieces of your banner across the sheet using safety pins. 


planet party banner hung on a black sheet


I put a black table cloth on a table and pushed it up against the wall and staged the cake, bags, and rocket straws on the table. The perfect Solar System party is now ready to go! 


Solar System Planet Party Set-Up 

What's your favorite party theme? Show us your party creations on Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to give us a follow while you are there! Tag your creations using our paper with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured in our stories. 

Thanks for crafting with me today! 

Erica (@wanderfuldesign)

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Hi Erica,
I have been looking everywhere for this solar system project and can no longer find it through your links. Is there another way to get it (without paying a ton for)? My son wants to be an astronaut and his birthday party is this weekend


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