Cup of Love Hot Cocoa Gift Pack

Cup of Love Hot Cocoa Gift Pack

Picture this: It’s snowing outside, the windows have frosted around the edges, the tree is lit and there are lights twinkling throughout the house. You can smell the aroma of baked goods and the kids are nestled by the fire. Sounds good, huh? But it’s missing something… What could it be? Ah, I know!! A warm cup of love. ❤️ Or in this case, a warm cup of hot cocoa. Why not share that warm cup of love with someone you know? Why not share that memory of the frosted windows and the fireplace? Here’s a great way to do that. Keep reading for this awesome Cup of Love Hot Cocoa Gift Pack Tutorial. 

  • FREE Hot cocoa gift pack SVG files
    • Click the link, right-click the image, click "save" and save to your computer. Then import into any die-cutting machine.
  • Packaged Hot Cocoa Packs
  • Peppermint Sticks
  • Marshmallows (optional)
  • Resealable bags or Fuse Tool
  • Twine
  • Spray Glue
  • Glitter
  • Bells (optional)
  • Word Sequin (optional)
  • Wet glue
  • Foam Squares
  • Scor-Tape adhesive
  • Ephemera or sentiments
  • Small flat back embellishments

        As you know, I like to start with the harder things first. So after you have gathered all of the things that you need to make this project, it will go really fast. I use the term ‘harder’ very loosely. There’s nothing hard about this project. 😉 As listed above you’ll need the following items handy to start your project: prepackaged hot cocoa packs, peppermint sticks, and marshmallows. If you can find the mini marshmallows prepackaged that would be best. You will also need some resealable bags or bags that you can seal with a fuse tool, wet glue, and scissors. 

        hot cocoa supplies set 1

        You'll also need an embossing folder for the front of the hot cocoa cup, spray glue and glitter, twine, bells, and words sentiments. The last two are optional. Don’t forget to cut out all of your FREE SVG files. You can find the link for those above. Now let’s get started! 

        supplies and die cut pieces

        Start out with your Cocoa $.25 tag. Feel free to cut out the negative spaces or leave them there. Also, if you’re keeping the middle of the ‘O’ be sure not to lose them. They flipped out quickly, LOL! If you cut out the negative space then I have a blank tag they can sit right behind it to make the letters pop! I used wet glue to adhere them both together.

        hot cocoa tags

        Next, grab your spray adhesive and your marshmallow die cuts. I cut out two. Lightly spray the glue on top of the marshmallow die cuts and sprinkle them with glitter a couple seconds later. Allow them to dry. They should be nice and sparkly. I added pop dots to the back of both of my marshmallow sets. Put those aside for now. 

        hot cocoa die cut paper marshmallows

        Grab your box template. Fold over all the perforated marks. You will have to take the tab off at the bottom; the one on the end. The tiny little square. (Not pictured) Add hot glue to the bottom and sides and secure. 

        building box to hold hot cocoa pack

        Add your "to/ from" square to the back of the box. Here is where you can add a little sentiment if you’d like. 

        to/from card on hot cocoa pack

        Grab the two solid mugs and lay them on top of each other. Apply the wet glue to adhere. One is slightly smaller. (Pictured in white)

        adhering mug pieces

        Grab the remaining mug/topper and emboss that along with the handle with your embossing folder to give it a little bit of texture. Once complete, layer that on top of the second piece. This completes your mug base! 

        embossed mug pieces

        Now it’s time to decorate/add finishing touches. I grabbed some red and white twine to be able to tie my cocoa tag, my snowflake die-cut, and the bells to my hot cocoa mug front. Do this before applying your box back. Secure with hot glue on the back. 

        assembling hot cocoa mug pieces

        Go ahead and add some hot glue to the back of your box and apply it to the back of the mug. Secure your marshmallow die-cuts to the top of the cocoa mug. 

        adding embellishments to hot cocoa pack

        If you’re adding marshmallows and peppermints, go ahead and secure those in a plastic bag. Either use a resealable bag or use your heat fuse tool to close the bag. Be sure to practice food safety. Neatly tuck your marshmallows, cocoa, and peppermint stick inside the back of your box. I raised my peppermint stick slightly to show from the front. I added tiny little red flat bling pieces to the mug - and you’re done! 

        adding marshmallows and cocoa to package

        I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project. It's great to give to friends and family during the holiday season. Enjoy the free files and be sure to let me know what you thought of this project down below! Time for pictures!!!

        hot cocoa gift pack

        Please be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think. If you’re super fancy – tag us in your creations on Facebook or Instagram. You can use the hashtag #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page!




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