Father's Day Shadow Box Card

Father's Day Shadow Box Card

Who says you can't add fun colors to a Father’s Day card? My daughter loves pink so she HAD to have this color in the card she’s giving to her dad. I added a little black for masculinity purposes, and a little gold for me!! 😜 Because after all, I am making the card!
Let’s get started with making this SUPER EASY card.


papers for Father's Day Shadow Box card

The first thing you want to do is head over to grab the file that I used for this project. You can grab the same file that I used (see the supply list) and 9 additional ones by signing up for a free trial account!

Start out by cutting all of the shadowbox panels in different colors.

die cut pieces for father's day shadow box card

You can see from my supply list that I wanted to have a variety. I think the card turned out amazing! The file does come with instructions but I will give you a step-by-step.
You want to make sure that you have some wet glue, hot glue or a spray glue handy. Preferably, using a fine tip glue like the Zig glue pen works best. Also, this is optional, but at the end you can add flat back pearls like I did. Don’t forget to cut out your photo corners. 

glue and embellishments for father's day shadow box card

The first thing I did was layer my more solid panels together. I used double-sided tape for the larger sections and then went in with my fine tip glue pen to fill in the smaller pieces. You don’t want to skip these because it will show in the end that you didn’t glue them down. 

layering panels for father's day shadow box card

Continue to layer as shown on the file. You'll want to make sure that you are doing your layering correctly, as every paper gets more detailed as you go along. 

layering panels for father's day shadow box card

Now that my layering is done, it is so cute! I am going to add my golden photo corners. I think it adds just an extra special touch of class. I used wet glue to secure my photo corners. 

adding gold photo corners to father's day shadow box card

The next thing I want to do is add my flat back gold pearls. This again is optional, but when is bling not necessary? 

adding gold pearls to father's day shadow box card

Now I’m going to highlight some of the areas using gold Stickles. This is optional but I really wanted my shadow card to stand out and add that touch of pizzazz. I rubbed some gold sickles inside the flowers to add some sparkle. 

adding gold sickles to father's day shadow box card

Included in this post is a free stand SVG file I created. Cut out the photo stand SVG. You’ll want to cut out both pieces of the stand so they fit together accurately. I cut them out twice and glued them together, for more stability. 

pieces for stand for father's day shadow box card

Carefully fold your stand in half at the perforated marks. They fit into each other neatly like a puzzle. 

assembling stand for father's day shadow box card

Once you have put them together, fold the flaps back out so they could glue to each other. I used hot glue for this for more stability.

finishing stand for father's day shadow box card

Voila! Now you have a stand to display your perfect shadow card!

putting father's day shadow box card on stand

And we’re done! This is the end result. 

Father's Day Shadow Box Card

I hope you like what I created! This is a quick and easy card, that could be made into whatever color choice or theme you choose! The best part is that dad can display the card after he's opened it. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free 10 downloads via the link above. Try out some new stuff, why not… It’s free?
As always, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you!
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Toodles, Tmika

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