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Paper Easter Egg Centerpieces

Paper Easter Egg Centerpieces

With Easter around the corner, I was put in charge of table decorations for our family Easter dinner party. I thought these little centerpieces would be the right touch for our little party!


For this project, I used Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers in Banana Split, Grapesicle/Lavender, Blu Raspberry and Candy Pink. I also used dowel rods, glue dots and foam squares.

Cardstock Paper Easter Egg Centerpiece Supplies

After choosing your paper, open up your Cricut design space app and open a new project. Select images and search Easter eggs. For this project, I used Easter Egg #MEFB0D, but you can any Easter egg or Easter theme image. You can also cut some eggs by hand with scissors. Once I chose my image I scaled my egg down to 4” in height. My centerpieces are being put in mason jars so I didn’t want to make them too big. I then selected my image again and selected Layers. Here you can change each piece being cut to match the color scheme you have chosen. I then duplicated my egg and welded my duplicate. This will be your back piece so the stick doesn’t show from the other side. You can also change the color of this image to best match your egg. I did each step again for each egg I’m making and sent it to my mats to be cut. Once all your pieces are cut out, it’s time to assemble.


Cardstock Paper Easter Egg Centerpiece Piecese

Lay out all your pieces you have cut and start gluing them together. Once you have formed or glued together each egg you will want to attach them to your dowel rod. I used 2 glue dots, one for each side that would be attached to my paper, and attached the front egg piece to my dowel rod.

Cardstock Paper Easter Egg Centerpiece Assembly

Next, I laid my stick down with the front image laying face down. I then took my foam squares and placed them on the back of my image. This will help keep your back piece from moving around as well as giving it some dimension from your stick creasing your paper.

Once you have done this, carefully place your back piece to your dowel rod and foam squares making sure you have lined your back piece up with your front piece. Repeat this for each stick you are making to contribute to your centerpiece. When you have completed your stick pieces you can now start putting your centerpieces together. I used a mason jar filled with fake grass and flowers. You could even add more flare by tying a cute ribbon or a piece of burlap around the top of your jar!

Cardstock Paper Easter Egg Centerpiece Staged Finished

Want to make your own Easter Egg Centerpieces? We would love to see your wonderful creations! Be sure to show us on Facebook or Instagram!

Happy Crafting!

-Miriam (Miri’s Party House)

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