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Easter Bunny with Bows Banner

Easter Bunny with Bows Banner

It's me, Shondell, of The CraftPrint. It's the time of year where we start preparing for Easter celebrations and nothing says Easter like bunnies. 

This DIY mini Easter banner is kid friendly and so cute for an at home set up. And like with any DIY project, you can change the colors or sizes to whatever you would like. Here's what I used:

Supplies Needed:  

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Punch Stardream Metallic
    • Amethyst Stardream Metallic
    • Kunzite Stardream Metallic
    • Rose Quartz Stardream Metallic
    • Celeste Sirio
    • Madero Beach
    • Gold Diamond Print Glitter
  • Cutting Machine (Im using a Cricut & Design Space) 
  • Foam Circles 
  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbon  
  • Hole puncher


    We start by designing the banner in Design Space using these two images. 

    1. Leather Bow (#M325FC)
    2. My Little Bunny (MA000DDE)

    Cricut Design Space files for Bunny Easter Banner

    The first step is to "contour" the Bunny. You’re going to select the bunny image, then on the right side of the screen all the way on the bottom, there's a contour option. Select contour, then choose the option “Hide All Contours”.

    contouring Cricut Design Space bunnies

    Hide all contours will take away the cut-outs in the bunny, so now we have just a bunny head shape. I changed the height of the bunny to 6 inches. Then I added the bow. The name of the bow file is “Leather Bow”. Change the width of the bow to 3.5 inches. With these bows you can use card stock or faux leather. 

    I'm spelling out EASTER in my banner so 6 bunnies and bows are needed.  You can make any amount that you need to spell out whatever you’re putting on your banner. Im using the font “Bernice”. After you type the word Easter, make sure the letters fit in the bunny head.

    Because the paper is 100lbs I set my machine to the glitter card stock setting. 


    die cut pieces for Easter Bunny with Bows Banner


    Now that the pieces are cut out, you’ll need to punch holes in all of the bunny ears. 

    punching holes in Easter Bunny Banner

    Assembling the bows is pretty easy. First you'll need to curl the top piece of the bow a little. You can use a lollipop stick, a glue stick, a pencil, or anything small that has a barrel shape. Bend those pieces and glue the two ends in the center of the shape. Then take the small rectangle shape and wrap it around the bow you just made. Now you glue that on to the bottom piece and your bow is complete. 

    The bow is then glued at the top of the bunny head. 

    Adding bows to bunny heads for Easter bunny banner

    Now that your bunny is all dressed up, you’re going to put the letters on then using the foam circles. 


    Adding letters to Easter Bunny Banner


    The last step is to string them all together and we are done. Hang them over your cake table, on the wall, or even as a high chair banner. It’ll be cute anywhere you put it. 


    Finished Easter Bunny Banner


    Thank you for crafting along with me, I hope you enjoyed this project and I look forward to seeing your creations.  

    Don't forget to share with us on Facebook or Instagram and use the #cardstockwarehouse hashtag for a chance to be featured. 


    Happy Crafting,



    IG: @TheCraftPrint

    Youtube: The CraftPrint

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