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3D Paper Easter Egg Home Decor

3D Paper Easter Egg Home Decor

Hi crafty friends, Kayla here from HoneyBee Paper Co! Spring is in the air & I am so “egg-static” for Easter (mostly because my 4 year old can’t stop talking about how “egg-cited” he is & “carrot” wait for the Easter Bunny!). Get it?! I have so many egg puns, it’s not even bunny! Ok, now I am done! 

So, I figured with all these egg puns, let’s make 3D Easter Eggs! Keep reading to see how I make these super “egg-cellent” Easter Eggs! 


    3D Easter Egg Home Decor Supplies

    Let’s Begin! 

    First things first, because we are modifying free images on Design Space, you are going to want to open up a new project, go to “Images”, then click “Cartridges” and type in “Hopping Down the Bunny Trail”. In this set we are going to use the “3D Floral Egg” and the “3D Polka Dot Egg”. 

    3D Easter Egg Home Decor Design Space

    Once you have the templates on your screen, you can modify the sizes. I modified mine so the eggs would be roughly 2.5” tall by 2” wide. 

    Now, let’s choose our color combos & begin cutting! For my 3D Eggs, I chose to do Whip Cream with Sno Cone, Banana Split with Spearmint, and Grapesicle with Pink Lemonade.

    Once all the eggs are cut out, grab your adhesive supplies & begin assembling!

    3D Easter Egg Home Decor Egg Die Cuts

    First, fold along the score lines of each set of eggs (there will be 8 eggs per 4 solid eggs cut in half). Then, take your Zip 2-Way Glue Pen or your preferred adhesive, and glue the solid egg halves onto the die-cut egg. Then glue every other egg together. So for example, glue an egg with a solid background onto one half of the die-cut egg, then glue an egg with a solid background onto the next half of the die-cut egg, and so on. 

    3D Easter Egg Home Decor Gluing Eggs Together


    *Tip: I like to put a little hot glue in the center of the egg (after it is assembled)  so it is more secure. 


    3D Easter Egg Home Decor Gluing Inside

    *Tip: to make it less complicated, before assembling, organize your eggs into color combo groups. Make sure your ratio is 4 solid eggs to 8 whole eggs. 

    3D Easter Egg Home Decor

    Continue this process until you have the desired amount of 3D Easter Eggs! 

    And there you have it! The possibilities are endless with these eggs. You can put them in little wicker baskets around your home, Easter table decor, hide them outside for kids to find, etc! 

    3D Easter Egg Home Decor

    Hoppy Easter Crafty Friends! 

    Kayla from HoneyBee Paper Co

    ETSY: HoneyBee Paper Co.

    INSTAGRAM: @honeybeepaperco_

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    I bought theses eggs for myself and a gift for Easter. They are adorable! Cannot wait to see what her next project will be.


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