Back to School Paper Bookmarks

Back to School Paper Bookmarks

Hi all! Kayla here from HoneyBee Paper Co. Today on the blog I am going to do a colorful bookmark tutorial. These are perfect for back to school, whether you are homeschooling this year or going back to class, plus I always think that bookmarks are a fun way to encourage little readers and spark their imagination too. So let’s get started! 


Autumn Back to School Bookmarks Supplies


Once you have all those supplies gathered we can begin. First, let’s get on Cricut Design Space and create our bookmarks. For this project, I used #M100C17 and then deleted the parts I didn’t want to use. 

Cricut Design Space Bookmark File

For my bookmarks, I decided to personalize some of these with names & other words and use the “slice” feature. To do this, click “text” in Design Space and add whatever text you would like in whichever font you like too. Next, move the word onto the bookmark, size it to your liking, highlight the entire bookmark and then use the “slice” feature. 

Cricut Design Space Slice Feature

Next, I changed the colors of the bookmarks. I used the Autumn Multi-Pack. The colors are beautiful and go so well together, not to mention, they are great colors for “back to school” projects. 

Autumn Back to School Bookmarks Cricut Design Space

Now, it is time to assemble! For some of them, I chose to not have a backing to it and for others, I did add a backing. It’s just your preference! You could also add a colored or patterned background. 

Assembling Autumn Back to School Bookmarks


Once the paper portion of the bookmarks are assembled, you can add your tassels! 


Adding tassels to autumn back to school paper bookmarks

And there you have it! Great for teachers to give to students, for your kiddos or even make them for yourself! They are so simple to make. 

Autumn Back to School Paper Bookmarks

Autumn Back to School Paper Bookmarks


Thanks for hanging out and I can’t wait to see all of your bookmarks! Share them with us on our Instagram or Facebook page, and use #cardstockwarehouse for a chance to be featured on our page!  

Happy Crafting and Happy Spring! 

Kayla from HoneyBee Paper Co

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