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Alphabet Outline Die-Cut Thank You Card

Alphabet Outline Thank You Card

For someone who loves to make cards, I am terrible about actually remembering to send them. I owed my mother-in-law a thank you card, and it was also very close to her wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day, so I decided to make one card to cover everything. Alphabet dies are perfect when you need a truly custom card. 


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Razzle Berry Pink Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Cotton Candy Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Lemon Drop Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Banana Split Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Gumdrop Green Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Sour Apple Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Blu Raspberry Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Sno Cone Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Grape Jelly Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Grapesicle Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Bianco Pergamenata 59lb Cover
    • Gold Touch MirriSparkle 100lb
    • Aquamarine Stardream 105lb
  • Outline Double Alphabet Dies
    Embossing Folder (optional)
  • Liquid Glue
  • Scor-tape
  • Bone Folder & Scoring Board
  • Rhinestone placement tool (optional)

 supplies for alphabet thank you card


First you'll need to choose the colors for your card base. I chose an Aquamarine Stardream base, a Gold Touch MirriSparkle mat, and a Bianco Pergamenata embossed piece. My card base is a folded A7 (5x7 when folded, 10x7 before scoring and folding), the mat is 4.75x6.75, and the inner piece is 4.5x6.5. I ran the Bianco Pergamenata piece through a heart embossing folder. Set this piece aside, and glue the Gold Touch MirriSparkle on top of the Aguamarine Stardream base and set it aside. I set the parchment piece on top to make sure it fit, but did not glue it down yet. 


A7 card base with Aquamarine, Gold Touch MirriSparkle, and Bianco Pergamenata Parchment


Now it's time to plan out and cut the alphabet letters. I chose 5 color sets, Razzleberry with Cotton Candy, Lemon Drop with Banana Split, Gumdrop with Sour Apple, and Blu Raspberry with Sno Cone. I love this alphabet die set because you can cut the letters in two colors and create beautiful outlined letters by putting those colors together. 

I wrote out the phrase I wanted to put on my card, then planned what color each letter should be. Then the fun part- cutting the letters!


planning alphabet and die-cut letters


One of the reasons I chose the parchment for my embossed piece is because it is slightly see-through, which makes it much easier to line up your letters. I measured how tall the letters are and used that number to evenly space the lines. The letters are 2cm tall, and I put 1cm of space between each line. I cut a piece of Grapesicle scrap down to 3.5x6.5 and then cut some parchment scraps into five 2cm tall strips. I drew a line through the center horizontally and vertically of one of the pieces of parchment, and also the Grapesicle sheet. I then adhered the parchment strip to the center of the Grapesicle sheet. Lastly, I measured 1cm above and below and glued two more strips. I repeated this one more time until I had a template for lining up my letters. If you're less of a perfectionist than I am, you can simply eyeball where to put your letters. I lined this guide up under my parchment and adhered it with some washi tape. Now you can line a ruler up with the bottom of the strips to line your letters up perfectly!


using guide to line up letters


Now it's time to actually glue the letters on. I decided to use the darker papers for the outline, and the lighters papers for the inside of the letters. I used my ruler to keep things straight, and my Zig Glue Pen to adhere the pieces. I started with the middle letter and worked my way out to make sure they were centered. 


lining up letters and gluing to card


Once I had all the outlines adhered, I added the centers to all the letters. Then I added in the darker centers of the Ps, As, and R. I found it was easier to add the glue to the center of paper in the middle of the letters instead of the back of the letter pieces. I used my rhinestone placement tool to put the letters on. 


adding centers to letters


Once all my letters were glued on, I attached the parchment sheet on top of the Gold Touch MirriSparkle with Scor-tape. I decided not to add any other embellishments because I wanted the letters to be the focus of the card. 


Finished alphabet card


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Happy Crafting!

Erica (@wanderfuldesign)

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