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One Cut File Used Two Ways

One Cut File Used Two Ways

Hello everyone! Daisie here to share with you how I used a cut file and the offcuts to create 2 projects. The embellishments on one project are from digital files that I printed out. This is a great and cost-effective way to purchase a collection you love to use over and over. I chose a simple cut file to demonstrate this with but it is easily done with other shapes and designs. You just have to use your imagination! 

Supplies Needed:

  • Die cutting machine and cut files
  • adhesive

Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers

  • Pure White Construction
  • Sweet Tooth White Pop-Tone
  • Red Hot Pop-Tone
  • Razzle Berry Pink Pop-Tone
  • Orange Fizz Pop-Tone
  • Lemon Drop Yellow Pop-Tone
  • Sour Apple Green Pop-Tone
  • Blu Raspberry Pop-Tone
  • Grape Jelly Purple Pop-Tone


  • Embellishments
  • Pattern paper
  • Sequins
  • Digital files

First, I created a cut file in the Silhouette Design Studio. It is a simple heart shape that I repeat cut, shrinking down the size each time. Check out the video if you are interested in a more in-depth tutorial for this part. I cut each heart out using a rainbow progression. This would allow me to stack the papers up and create the cascading effect I was looking for.  

Mini Album and Scrapbook Page Using One Cut File Two Ways

I used the Pure White cardstock to print off some pattern papers and embellishments from AC Digitals. This cardstock is the perfect paper for this! The paper is smooth and takes the ink from my inkjet printer without bleeding. The colors stay bold and bright. It cut well with both the print and cut option and the hand cutting option.  

Mini Album and Scrapbook Page Using One Cut File Two Ways Printing

I used one of my home printed pattern papers to back the layout. Then I had fun with my embellishments. Because I can print them at home I was able to resize the embellishments to fit what I needed for this project. I was even able to make multiples of things I wanted to repeat. I finished the layout off with some stickers and SpiegelMom Scraps sequins. It still felt a little plain so I added some polka dots and a doodle border using a black pen. 

Mini Album and Scrapbook Page Using One Cut File Two Ways

Next, I took the offcuts and created a mini album. I used the largest heart (sweet tooth) as the cover and each of the other hearts as the pages for the albums. Each heart was lined up so that the centers were together. Then I used a piercing tool and some embroidery thread and sewed the book together.

Mini Album and Scrapbook Page Using One Cut File Two Ways

To add some flair to the binding, I created some paper beads and tassels using the scraps from the cut file.  There is a tutorial for creating paper beads and tassels {here}

Mini Album and Scrapbook Page Using One Cut File Two Ways

To see the process for decorating the mini album check out the video!  It starts with a demonstration for creating the cut file then goes into the mini album process around 2:34 if you want to skip ahead.  

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