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You Are My Favorite Valentine Card

You Are My Favorite Valentine Card

Over the years, one of my favorite phrases to sign all my cards or emails with was, “from your favorite,” which when added onto something not so unique like, “your favorite daughter named Tara,” or “your favorite wife,” always made people laugh. So, when it came time to think up a Valentine’s Day card to give to my husband, I felt like it was time to turn the tables. It can, of course, be customized to say whatever you would like, but I will be showing you how I made my “you are my favorite” husband or boyfriend card.

What you will need:

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers:
    • Madero Beach
    • Mars
    • Lockwood Green
    • Brown Box Kraft
    • Gold Touch Sparkle
  • Zig Glue Pen
  • Foam squares
  • Cricut: Die Cut Machine (or you can cut out some of these elements by hand)

You Are My Favorite Husband Cardstock Paper Card

When designing this card, I wanted my card to be approximately 4x6 inches so make sure the card is long enough that when folded in half it will measure correctly. I decided on two separate fonts that I thought complimented each other (Opulent and Sunshine Duo) and decided which would be cut out as another layer and which would be written. I then found a fun heart design in the Cricut database of images to add dimension to the card.  I also wanted the “you are my” to curve around the heart which can be done using the appropriately named curve button.

You Are My Favorite Husband Cardstock Paper Card Design Space

Continue by cutting out each piece in the desired paper. I loved the look of the Speckletone Madero Beach paper with the Kraft, so I knew that I wanted that as my background.  You may be looking at my color choices when it comes to my paper and think I’m making a Christmas card, but when it came to choosing my other colors, I kept going back to the gorgeous colors of the Lockwood Green and Mars. And because it’s a small amount used of each, it doesn’t look “Christmas-y,” I promise!

You Are My Favorite Husband Cardstock Paper Card

Once the paper has been cut, you can start assembling. I always lay everything out first to make sure I don’t need to make any adjustments, and then begin filling in the drawn-on words and gluing on the paper cut-out “favorite” with my Zig Glue Pen.

You Are My Favorite Husband Cardstock Paper Card

Next, I use a foam square in between the burst layer and heart layer to give it a fun 3D effect, adhere it to the Madero Beach background using the Zig Glue pen, and finally glue that to the folded Kraft paper card.

You Are My Favorite Husband Cardstock Paper Card

Once you have done that you have your very own handmade Valentine’s Day card which is sure to be YOUR “favorite.” Happy Crafting!

You Are My Favorite Husband Cardstock Paper Card

Are you handmaking a card for your significant other this year? We'd love to see! Tag us in your creations on Facebook and Instagram to be featured on our account! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

-Tara (Handmade by Tara)


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