Colorful Summer Birthday Cards

Colorful Birthday Cards

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU!!!! Summer is here and that means more wedding cards, graduation cards, and birthday cards! I can get you prepared for at least one of those today. Plus, I will have everything you need except the paper (for which I will gladly provide the names of what I used 😏) to make some on your own! So get ready!! Grab your Cardstock Warehouse paper, electronic die cutting machine, and glue and let’s make some birthday cards!!

Start by adding the SVG files to your design software and making sure your files are the size you want. My cards, when folded, will be 7.25 inches by 3.5 inches. If you're using a Cricut, you'll also want to convert the center line on the card base to a "score" line and then "attach" it to the card base. Then, cut out all of the pieces from your SVG file in your preferred colors. I used several different colors to make my birthday card more summer-y. Is that a word? If not, it is now! I love the Lessebo Colours papers because they are so beautiful and they die cut really well.

papers and die cut pieces for summer birthday cards

I’m starting with my layered birthday cake card. I took my wood veneer panel and an embossing folder to create a nice textured and beautiful background. I recommend testing a small piece of the wood veneer with your embossing folder to make sure it works well with the folder you choose before doing your large panel.

I typed out "happy birthday" on my Silhouette Cameo in a couple fonts that I like and cut it out with the same wood veneer paper. I cut out two layers of the sentiment and glued them together with wet glue. This adds a little bit of dimension, rather than just using one layer. A little more tedious, but worth it.

Then, I layered together my cake pieces. All you need to do is layer the gold mirror pieces on top of the colored pieces with liquid glue, like Bearly Art® glue.

Now it’s time to add my candles to the top of my birthday cake. I gathered all the layers and glued them together with spray glue. Since these are thin lines, I found spray glue to work faster.

I used foam dots to attach my candles and cake to the front of the panel and then attached the whole panel to my white card base with double-sided Scor-Tape. The gold and wood specialty papers add a touch of luxury to this card! I also added another layer on the inside where I could write a sentiment.

assembling pieces of candles and cake colorful card

And you’re done! Yes, my candles are floating… but that is the way I prefer it!

Let’s work on the next card. Gather all of your pieces together and lay them out. This time I’m starting with my candles. There are so many of them, lol! A little bit of extra work in the beginning, but I found that it turned out beautifully!

Again, I used to spray glue to attach the outside of the candle to the candle base. But I turned to wet glue to add the little flame inside the larger flame. Lay your front panel down on your card base front. Add the insert to the inside of your card for your sentiment. I used double-sided Scor-Tape tape for this.

Use the same sentiment and font for this card as well. This time I just cut it out in card stock, but still using two layers. I adhered the sentiment to the upper right corner of the Wood Veneer panel. (I left the wood plain this time so the candles would really stand out.) You can place your sentiment wherever you like, but be sure to leave enough room for your candles at the bottom.

I started placing one candle at the beginning and one candle at the end and placed the middle candles evenly. That way it doesn’t look awkward if I run out of space at the end. I adhered these with thin foam adhesive to make them pop! Add your flames to the top of the candle.

I placed my candles a little wonky, so it doesn’t look so structured and it added a little bit more whimsy to the card.

I think that this card is super adorable for people of all ages!

assembling paper candles and adding them to the front of summer birthday card

And there you have it! You’ve completed two birthday cards with roughly the same images. You can repeat this over and over to get different looks by using different color papers. You can also see that I added a little pizzazz to the card by adding some gems. Make it your own! You could also cut out numbers to add to the front for celebrating a specific age.

Colorful Summer Birthday Cards with Lessebo and Wood Veneer cardstock papers

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Please enjoy the free SVG files I created and let us know what you make! As always, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you!

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Toodles, Tmika

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