Layered Paper Thanksgiving Place Cards

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards

Hey everybody its Tmika here with a quick project share for your Thanksgiving dinner table set up. This will definitely be the talk of the town! You won’t find these place settings anywhere. Handmade items create the best memories and the best chats. So let’s get started on how we can use the crafty items we have at home to make memorable Thanksgiving dinner table place card holders.

Today, I will share with you three different options for making these place card holders using dies you have at home. You don’t necessarily have to use the shapes that I’ve chosen, but instead concentrate on the technique and use what you have. 



  • Bearly Arts Glue
  • Foam Dots
    Hot Glue
  • Doily Die
  • Circle Dies
  • Leaf Die
  • Wreathe Die
  • Letter Dies
    • I'm using an older set that isn't available anymore, but THESE would be a great alternative! 
  • Bow die

For this first place card holder I’m going to be using a doily die. Yes, this fancy-schmancy cute little doily die is going to make a nice place card holder. At least, I think so. You will need to grab a fancy doily die and two circles. Two plain circles. One circle should fit close to the same size as the doily, and the other circle should fit just inside the center of the doily. 


circle and doily dies

Cut one doily, as is, and set it aside. Then cut a second doily the same way, only this time you’re going to run it back through the die cutting machine with the circle set in the center so the middle piece will be out. 


die-cut birch wood veneer circles and doilies

Repeat that second step as many times as you want to create the desired layered affect you’re looking for. I cut mine out three times. One really just has to be as perfect as you can get it because the others will be layered underneath. 


birch wood veneer doily die-cut pieces

Take the largest circle, the one that is about the same size as the doily, and cut out one solid piece. Do this for the small circle that you used for the inside of the doily as well. You should have two solid pieces. 


die-cut birch wood veneer circles

To continue using dies that I have at home, I’m going to add a bow and name personalization to all of my place card holders. Aren’t the stitched letters cute? 


stitched letter die-cuts

Now take your large solid base layer and hot glue two of the open faced doilies on top. For the last doily, I used permanent clear glue dots. I wanted to do this to hide the dimension between the layers. So I rolled them up in a tiny ball and placed them around the perimeter of the last doily. Then I added that final layer to the top of the previous ones. I layered the bows together with a dimensional in between and added a tiny gem. I added my name to the front with wet done. And I’m done.


layering birch wood veneer doily and circle layers


This is how everything looks all put together. 


White Birch Wood Veneer place card

For the next layer we’re going to use circles and a different technique. Let’s assume you do not have a doily die or something similar to use to make your place card holder. Maybe you have a cute leaf that you can use? So here I am sharing with you the technique to layer your place card holder using a leaf branch cut out multiple times. I’m also going to use some nested circles and more stitched letters to personalize my place card. 


circle and stitched letter dies

I cut my nested circles out twice. This will create the layer that I use to wrap my leaf pieces around. Then I cut out each of the circles in one solid piece. Also again I cut out two bows. Quick tip: when cutting out the nested dies to create the bases, use washi tape to make sure they match when you cut them out multiple times.


Verdigris die-cut pieces

Adhere the two nested circle pieces together using wet glue. I cut my leaf die out twelve times so that I can go around my circle three times. The perimeter of the circle takes four leaf sprays.  I wanted to make sure it was nice and fluffy. I literally just went around the perimeter of the circle with all of my leaf pieces. 


Verdigris die-cut pieces for place card

Once I achieved my desired look, I added foam dots squares to the back of that base piece so that I could lay it on top of my solid large circle. I did add a bit of hot glue to the backing right before I laid it to the solid piece. This is how that should look at this point. 


layering Verdigris pieces for place card


I ended up ditching the small circle solid piece but you can keep that as discussed. I just wanted to differentiate between the leaves and add a bit of distinction. So I found this cute little circle die. I added foam dots to the back of it. I added my name, my bow, and my gem. I then placed that circle in the center of my wreath. It is so stinking cute! 


Adding letters to Verdigris place card

Now let’s work with a wreath die that you already may have on hand. This one works just like the previous two. I’m using a set of scallop ovals, my bow and this really cute wreath die. I cut the scalloped ovals in the large solid piece, the smaller solid piece and then nested them together twice. I then cut out the wreath three times to ensure a nice fluffy place card holder. And finally as always, I cut out my name and two bows. Glue the two scalloped pieces together with wet glue and then attach the wreath spray to your base one by one. So that you can pick and choose your placement and make sure that it is not all one note. 


Dies and Imperial Blue die-cut pieces


Once that is done, flip it over to the back and add foam dots to create dimension on your place card holder. This is what it should look like. Add your name to the smaller scalloped piece. Adhere that to the center of your wreath with wet glue. Finish off with your bow and gem. 


Imperial Blue place card layers

And voilà, you’re done! I love how these look! I love the colors and the design differences!! Now that was super easy, huh? I’ve shown you three ways you can make cute little homemade place card holders. Whether you have a solid wreath die, or you have a leaf die that you’re going to cut out multiple times, or just use something completely untraditional like a doily die. I hope I’ve inspired you to use more of your basic shapes and nested dies to create fantastic out-of-the-box projects. Until next time…

Thanksgiving Place Cards


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