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Spooky Halloween Paper Sunflowers

Spooky Halloween Sunflowers

I love making Halloween decorations! How fun are these Spooky Sunflowers?!? I would love to show you how I made these let's get started!!


supplies for spooky halloween sunflowers

Start by cutting all the pieces out. There are 3 different sizes of sunflowers and spiders and 3 different styles of spiderwebs. You will need 3 of each of the same size flower, 10 to 15 yellow pieces for making the center of the flower, and however many spiders and webs you would like.

die cuts for spooky halloween sunflowers

Next, assemble the sunflower. Take the dowel rod and place it in the center of the flower petal and pinch the sides around it…do this with all the petals. You could also use a curved bone folder.

rolling petals for spooky halloween sunflowers

Glue the 3 layers of flowers together by offsetting each layer from the previous layer. 

layering petals for spooky halloween sunflowers

Next, take 10 to 15 of the yellow pieces and fold them in half on the long side. 

folding centers for spooky halloween sunflowers

Start rolling the yellow pieces and gluing the next piece to the end of the roll.

rolling centers of spooky halloween sunflowers

Keep adding until your center piece is the size you would like it, then glue it to the center of the petals. 

attaching center for spooky halloween sunflowers

Now you are ready to start decorating! Add your spiders to the flowers with hot glue. Finally, attach your flowers to your wall or the center of a table and add the spider webs around the edges.

Spooky Halloween Sunflowers


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Happy Crafting!
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