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Oh Happy Day Watering Can

Oh Happy Day Watering Can

Back when I was a wee little girl (which wasn’t toooo long ago, ahem), my grandmother used to sing this same song all the time while she was doing outside chores. We grew up in a small town with not a lot of money but granny made it alright! We would wash our clothes in the hand crank washing machine and hang them on the line to dry. She had a small garden that was flourishing with lots of vegetables and some with flowers. She had hanging tomatoes, too! She would take her rusted tin watering can and sing “Oh, Happy Day” while tenderly and lovingly watering her precious garden. I could sit, watch, and listen to her all day.

This time of year, I remember these types of memories of my granny. She made me feel special in so many ways. In honor of spring and my granny, I made an upgraded version with all the pretties!! You can make this (free file included) 3D watering can and give someone else an “OH, Happy Day”. Plus, as an added benefit, you can stuff some extra little goodies in the box. BONUS!

Let’s get into this project!


  • Watering Can File (click the link here and save)
  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Smart White 12x12 Cardstock to use to print your desired pattern like I did – OR – patterned paper
    • Park Green Cardstock
    • Rose Gold Mirror Cardstock
  • Flower Die or SVG Flower File
  • Embellishments or goodies for the inside of the box (I used a rosette die)
  • Score Board
  • Bone Folder
  • Adhesive (hot and wet)
  • Brads
  • Hole Punch
  • Flower/Clay Molding Tools
  • Larger Sentiment or Focal Image (I used a die cut for a paper collection)



Using the watering can file and your Smart White card stock, cut your file out. I printed a basic black and white pattern on one side and a green pattern on the other side of the Smart White card stock. You can use patterned paper for this as well. Flip the pattern over to the back side and let’s begin making some score marks. You can kind of see where the marks need to be folded just by looking at the design. You’ll score ½” in on the left and right sides at the top, middle and bottom. I used a red pen to outline exactly where you need to put the marks. Then flip 90 degrees and score at the triangular indents indicated on the file. 


scoring and folding watering can


You’ll also score the spout right in the middle, leaving a ½” gap in between. This is how it looks at the side. 


scoring and folding watering can spout


Add hot glue (or whatever adhesive you prefer) to the “tabs” and connect the box together. When all 4 walls have been put up, your watering can should look like this. I did not tuck the “mouth” of the can in – I liked it out. I added hot glue to secure. 


gluing paper watering can


I cut the spout and the handles twice so I could use different papers - remember to cut one on the opposite side of the paper so it can line up correctly. 


watering can handles and spout


Punch a hole on each end of the handles to prepare for the brads. Line the holes up with the side of the watering can and make a small mark. Punch a hole on the watering can at that mark and attach the handle to the can with the brads. 


adding handles to watering can with eyelets


I cut the tips of the spout and the handles in the Rose Gold mirror card stock for a super cool accent. I used wet glue to attach the tips to the spout base. I applied foam adhesive in between the closed spout to add sturdiness. Now, you can hot glue to the ½” part in the middle of the spout and attach it to the center of the watering can. This should be on the side by the mouth. 


assembling watering can spout


To make it extra fancy, I decided to cut a thin strip of the Rose Gold mirror cardstock to line the bottom of the watering can. I cut the strips down to ¼”. I attached them to the base of the watering can around the entire perimeter using hot glue.


adding rose gold accents to the bottom on watering can


Now cut your sentiments out as desired and layer the together. I used a sentiment from a paper collection that was PERFECT! It actually reads “Oh, Happy Day”!! I know granny guided me to that collection. I added foam dots for dimension in between the layers. Now add that to the watering can.


adding sentiment to outside of watering can


Cut out some flowers of different sizes from your card stock. I used Park Green, Smart White and the Rose Gold for all of my flowers. I curled them using a clay molding tool to add texture. I chose to layer the three colors on top of each other to add variety to my watering can. I adhered them together with hot glue and secured the center with a gold flat back pearl.


rounding paper flowers to add to paper watering can


Before adding the flowers to my watering can, I die cut a little swirl to help reiterate the flow of a whimsical garden. Mimicking the sweet sounds my granny made when she was in bliss watering hers. I cut the die cut in half to add behind my sentiment, one on each side.


adding die cut accents to paper watering can


Now that we have that, we can now add the flowers to our “garden”. Place them as desired around your sentiment. 


adding flowers to paper watering can


Lastly, I wanted to include some paper goodies for the recipient. I used a few rosette dies in different designs and sizes. I used the same color scheme as my watering can and flowers. Rose Gold, Park Green and Smart White (that I printed on). They turned out so pretty – and useful!! In the box they go!!


creating paper rosettes


Here is the end result of my 3D Watering Can & Embellishment Box. 


 finished paper watering can with rosettes


I do hope you enjoyed this little journey into my past. I like to visit sometimes when I’m feeling down. Remembering granny is always a good memory and a great pick me up. I always leave my visit with her down memory lane singing, “Oh, Happy Day.” I hope that you will too.

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This is adorable! I want to make for my garden group members. They will also love your story. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful watering can and tutorial!

Audrey L.

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