Mother's Day Paper Flower Bouquet

Mother's Day Paper Flower Bouquet

Spring Flower Bouquets make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts! What is great about paper flowers is that they will never die! I would love to teach you how I made this beautiful bouquet. Let's get started!


  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers
    • Factory Yellow Colorplan 65lb (sunflower)
    • Mid Green Colorplan 65lb (leaves)
    • Lime Sirio Color 80lb (leaves)
    • Orange Fizz 65lb (butterfly)
    • Lavender Colorplan 65lb (chrysanthemum) 
    • Hot Pink Colorplan 65lb (bow)
    • Bright White Colorplan 100lb (daisy)
    • Ebony Colorplan 100lb (butterfly and sunflower center)
    • Paper Bag Kraft 100lb (vase)
  • Hot Glue Gun or Bearly Art™ Precision Craft Glue 
  • Die Cutting Machine (Cricut or similar)
  • Tweezers
  • Quilling tool 
  • 3D Vase File on Etsy (the one I am using is a tiny bit different than this one, but it is no longer available, so I recommend using this one.)
  • 3d flower files

Start by cutting all of your pieces. You can search your machine's software for flowers, 3d flowers, or the names of individual flowers, like daisy, rose, etc. I am making 3 medium-sized chrysanthemums, 5 small daises, and one large sunflower. You can also search Etsy for 3d flower files that you like. 

I cut the pieces for my vase out of kraft paper, and cut my flowers and leaves out of all the colors listed above. I also cut an orange and black butterfly. The vase I am using is slightly different than the one linked above, but it will turn out the same.

mothers day flower bouquet die cut paper pieces

Let's start with the vase. Take the 6 identical parts and fold them on the score lines and begin gluing them together. 

building paper vase

Take the 2 different size hexagons and fold the flaps. Take the large hexagon and glue it on the bottom of the bouquet. Then, take the smaller one and glue it inside the bouquet.

building paper vase

Glue the big hexagon with the two decorate flaps on the top of the bouquet. It will set inside a bit.

top of paper vase

Take the long pink strip and wrap and glue it around the base of the vase. Then, make your bow and attach it to the band. 

adding paper bow to paper vase

Now it is time to start assembling the flowers. All 3 styles of flowers are just about assembled the same. I like to curl the petals to give them more of a realistic look. You're going to start with the biggest piece on the bottom and alternate the direction of each layer as you glue one on top of the other. Then, use a curling tool to spin the long piece into a center for your flower. 

creating paper flowers
Repeat the steps above for your white daisies. Fold the yellow strip in half and roll it and glue the end. Glue this to the center of your flower. Then take your thumb and gently spread the small petals. 

creating a paper daisy
Like you did with the other 2 flowers, curve your petals, and then glue your petals large to small.

building paper flowers

Then, you are going to take the black lined piece and fold it in half and roll it.

creating the center of a paper flower

Next, add the black petal piece and glue and roll it, and then repeat with the yellow petal. This will create the center of your flower.

creating center of paper sunflower

Take your thumb and gently spread the petals after you've glued it to the center of your flower.

paper sunflower

Here is what all my flowers look like once they are assembled.

finished paper flowers

For the butterfly, I glued the black piece on top of the orange and folded the wings up to give a 3D look.

paper monarch butterfly

I curled the leaves to give them a more realistic look. You could also use a scoring tool to emboss veins in the leaves.

paper leaves

Now you are ready to arrange your flowers to form a bouquet! Choose where you want everything to go, and then hot glue them all to the flat top of the vase. Here is what it should look like from above. 

mothers day paper flower bouquetAnd now you're all done! Pair this lovely bouquet with a handmade card and you have the perfect Mother's Day gift! 

finished mothers day paper flower bouquet

mother's day paper flower bouquet

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Happy Crafting!
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