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Mama Hen and Chicks Handmade Pop-Up Card

Mama Hen and Chicks 3D Card

Hi Crafters! Mother's Day is around the corner and today I am going to show you how to create a pop up Mother’s Day card. Handmade cards are a lovely way to show the moms in your life just how much you care! Let's get started! 

The supplies you will need are:

Once you have all your supplies, let’s begin! Open a new project on your software and upload the file linked above. Choose your colors and start cutting. I listed all of the colors I used and what I used them for in the supplies to make it easier for you!

die cut pieces for Mama Hen and Chicks card

Next, let’s start assembling the card. We are going to start with the back of the card. Layer the light pink flower details on top of the darker pink pieces. Take the layered flowers and adhere them to the green vine. Next, adhere them to the Candy Pink back panel of the card.

assembling flowers for Mama Hen and Chicks card

Now, begin assembling the mama hen and her baby chicks. The hen has three layers, dark brown, light brown and then a medium brown for the face. Layer those together and then adhere her beak and feet. Then you can add on her tiny pink details. For the baby chicks, adhere the Sorbet Yellow chick to the Noce brown base of the chick. 

assembling chicken for Mama Hen and Chicks card

Next, adhere the mama chicken and baby chicks to the green base and set it aside. Take the lighter green (Mid Green) grass piece and fold one end so it can adhere to the back part of the pink backing. Do the same for the other side. Glue these on tightly with your Bearly Art® glue. 

adding first grass layer to pop-up Mama Hen and Chicks card

Next, take the darker green grass piece with the chickens on it, fold one side so it is folded toward you and fold the other side away from you. Glue it into the center of the card by gluing the folded tabs to the inside of left and right side of the pop-up box.

adding grass and chickens to Mama Hen and Chicks card

And that is all! Now we have a fun pop up Mother’s Day card!

Mama Hen and Chicks pop-up card

What are you crafting for Mother's Day? We would love to see! Show us your creations on Instagram or Facebook! Tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured in our stories. 

Happy Crafting!
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