Easter Bunny Gift Box

Easter Bunny Gift Box

Bunny Hop! Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner! Let's make some bunny boxes to fill with goodies. 

I got this adorable bunny file from Etsy. The purchased file comes with insert options for chocolate candies - I personally removed them so I can add different goodies inside, but feel free to use them as you wish. :) 

I started in Cricut Design Space by removing the layers I did not want to use and then began cutting my pieces. I cut the box pieces in Bright White, the inside of the ears and feet with Rose Quartz Stardream, and the lid details with White Diamond Print Glitter.

Die cut pieces for bunny gift box

After all the pieces were cut, I started folding along the scored/dashed lines. I also decided to glue the Rose Quartz bunny feet and ears to the back of the Diamond Print Glitter so it was one less step to do later.
box edge pieces with folded tabs
I began grabbing the larger strips and gluing them together as I prepared the base, and then followed and glued together the smaller strips for the lid of the box.
Strips for box with folded tabs
I used Silicone Glue to begin gluing the folded teeth on the inside of the base (bigger egg shape). You can use any wet glue, but my preference was Silicone since it takes a bit longer to dry - I can move the paper around as needed. Make sure to glue all the way around the box and then attach the two ends together.

Adding paper strips to the edge of the bunny box bottom
Repeat this same step for the lid of the box, but first, attach the acetate. If you’re using glitter paper as I am, flip the glitter so the glitter remains on the top.
building lid for Easter Bunny Box
After the lid and base of the boxes are attached to the strips, grab the inserts and glue them on the inside.
adding inserts to Bunny Box pieces
Once both the base and lid are fully completed, you’ll have a closed box.
bunny box egg shape
I decided to Hot Glue the Bunny Ears, Arms & Feet so they would dry quicker. I also decided to add a name to the box using vinyl.
assembled Easter Bunny Gift Box
Lastly, you can add snacks of your choice to the box. If you decided to use the inserts with the original file, place them inside now.
Easter Bunny Gift Box
Thanks for crafting along with me! Can’t wait to see your Easter Bunnies!

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Amanda (@lacedesignsstudio)

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