DIY Sculpted Cardstock Paper Vase

DIY Sculpted Cardstock Paper Vase

Ever wish you could add a pop to your flower vases? I love to add a little pizazz to my plain glass vases & because my tastes change like the wind, a bit of sculpted paper does the trick! Not only does it add color & movement to the equation but it’s a simple project with a big impact on a tiny budget.

DIY Sculpted Cardstock Paper Vase Supplies

What you’ll need:

  • Cylinder Vase ( I used a 6”x6” glass one but any smooth sided vase will do)
  • Curling Tools (ie. glue sticks, knitting needles, wooden dowels, pencils)
  • Double-sided tape or hot glue, depending on how permanent you want it
  • Exacto Knife & Ruler or Electronic Cutter
DIY Sculpted Cardstock Paper Vase Cutting

Step 1: Cutting

The first step is cutting the paper to create the vase shape. Cut lines of alternating widths to create a bit more dimension. For this project, I made cuts every 1/3” and 2/3” alternating. Make sure to leave 1”-1 ½” at top & bottom to attach to the glass vase. Measure around the vase perimeter and attach the precut 12x12 sheets to one another. I like to overlap an entire cut strip of paper & tape/glue to ensure the strip pattern is uninterrupted in the final product.

DIY Sculpted Cardstock Paper Vase Curling

Step 2: Curling

Before curling this paper, I spritzed with a little bit of water using a spray bottle. This enables the paper to bend a bit more easily vs creasing. The goal is to create movement without folding. Once the paper is damped, take the opposite corners of the cut paper and pull towards each other. Keep the pressure of your hands on the outside edges. Work quickly as the paper will dry within a minute or 2 of dampening.

DIY Sculpted Cardstock Paper Vase

Step 3: Tape/Glue

If you’re using double-sided tape, start by putting a strip on the bottom edge of the paper. Wrap the pre-cut/curled sheet around the vase, adding pressure along the bottom until you cover the entire vase. Trim any extra paper length, leaving enough to overlap a whole strip on either end. Secure the overlapped strips with tape (see image). Once the paper cylinder is secure, spritz just the cut center portion of the paper with water again. Take your curling tools and while the paper is damp, sculpt each strip of paper, pulling gently away from the glass vase & using your tool to ensure the paper does not crease. You can repeat this process of dampening and sculpting a few times until you achieve the look you desire. Push the top edge downward & align your paper with the top edge of the vase repeatedly while sculpting to get a sense of the shape you’re creating. Once you’re happy with the shape of each strip, Secure again at the top with double-sided tape. If you’re looking for a more permanent paper vase, follow the same steps above but secure with hot glue vs tape.

DIY Sculpted Cardstock Paper Vase

Now your new sculpted vase is complete, Simply add your favorite blooms! Since I’m pretty obsessed with paper, I added my favorite paper flower to this vase but your new sculpture will hold water & whatever fresh flowers tickle your fancy! This same project can be used on votive holders too, just make sure you’re using LED votives, just in case!

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Happy Paper Crafting!

-Daphny (D Lauren B)

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