DIY Die Cut Paper Coasters

DIY Die Cut Paper Coasters

Hey, there! It’s Kira and I am back with another fun, summer project using the newest Cardstock Warehouse papers, the Lessebo Colours collection.


  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers:
    • Bubblegum Lessebo Colours 83lb
    • Amazon Lessebo Colours 83lb
    • Purple Haze Lessebo Colours 83lb
    • Bright White Colorplan 100lb
  • Adhesive  
  • Electronic die cut machine
  • Wood circles
  • Cork circles 

I thought it would be fun to make some coasters for my new office. I would hate for the new butcher block countertop I installed to get damaged from the condensation on my drink cups. So, adding some cute coasters seemed like the best idea. You may be thinking "wait.... PAPER coasters?" Don't worry, I'm going to show you how to seal them to protect the paper design AND your desk/table! 

I designed my own using Procreate, but you can make these with any design you choose. The possibilities are truly endless here. I'm already thinking of Halloween and Christmas ones...

Once your design is chosen, go ahead and cut out all the pieces on your Cricut (or other electronic cutting machine). You could also cut out shapes by hand, or use metal dies. 

Die cut pieces for diy paper coasters

For the base of my coasters, I purchased 4” wood circles and 4” cork circles from Amazon. 

cork and wood circles for diy paper coasters

Start by adhering a 4” circle cut piece of paper onto the wood circle (I have already attached the cork to the wood at this point) with Mod Podge. 

Since my design had some very tiny pieces involved, I built it backwards from the cutting mat. Pro tip- Leaving all the tiny pieces on the mat, I added a liquid adhesive on top of each piece and then placed the next layer over top. Let it dry, and then you can peel it off gently and your design will be perfectly placed!

gluing tiny paper pieces on Cricut mat

Then I added the final layer (the back layer) on top of that.  Once the glue was dry, I could peel up the entire design in one piece, including all of the tiny, little details. 

adding white backing to design before peeling

Once you have your design pieced together, you can adhere this to your coaster base using Mod Podge. If you prefer, you can continue to add a few more layers of Mod Podge until the entire project is sealed. Be sure to let it dry between layers, and use at least 3 layers if only using Mod Podge.

adding paper designs to coasters with Mod Podge 

However, I was curious how they would look with a resin coat, so using my UV resin, I added a final topcoat to my coasters. 

adding UV resin to the topcoat of coasters 

I love how these turned out and they made for such a fun summer project!

finished DIY paper coasters



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Happy Crafting!

xo, Kira (@kira.gets.crafty

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