Valentine's Day Hanging Pennants

Valentine's Day Hanging Pennants

Hey there! It’s Kira, and I am back with another tutorial using my favorite Cardstock Warehouse papers. I made some super cute (and simple!) paper banners for Valentine’s Day. But after I was finished, I couldn’t resist making a mini version for a scrapbook layout!


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Pop-Tone - Lemon Drop
    • Sirio Color - Gialloro
    • Pop-Tone - Wild Cherry
    • Foundation - Barely Pink
    • Pop-Tone - Pink Lemonade
    • Gold Touch Mirrisparkle
  • Scissors 
  • Electronic cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette, etc.)
  • Adhesive
  • Wood skewers or dowels 
  • Yarn or twine


lemon drop, gialloro, pink lemonade, wild cherry, and gold touch mirrisparkle papers


You’ll want to start this project out by choosing your cardstock papers. I love a non-traditional color palette when creating for holidays, so for this one I chose: Barely Pink (as my base), Lemon Drop, Gialloro, Wild Cherry, Pink Lemonade, and Gold Touch Mirrisparkle.   


hugs and kisses pennant


Then you will cut your banners down to size. Decide your banner width, find the center, and mark it with a pencil. Then on each side of the banner mark your paper about 3” up (the higher you mark, the sharper your point). Use a paper trimmer, scissors, or a straight blade to cut from the center mark to the side mark on each side.  


cutting pennant down to size


Score the top of your banner. I went down about 1” but this doesn’t need to be a precise measurement. You just need enough of a fold to cover your dowel/skewer.  


scoring top to fold over dowel


Next, you will want to adhere your skewer/dowel in place. I used Scor-tape for my pennant, but hot glue would work well too.  


folding top over skewer


Time to cut out your letters! I found a block letter font I liked on (this one is called Stupid Meeting) and cut my words out on my Cricut. Hand-cut letters would also look very cute! 


die-cut paper letters for pennants


Finally, you will want to add your string to hang your banner. I used yarn on my larger banners, but any sort of string or twine will work. Once I knotted the yarn on the skewer, I tucked the end under the folded piece of paper along with the skewer.  


adding string to dowels


And that’s it! There is no limit to the possibilities with these banners.  


hugs and kisses hanging pennant


I love this mini-sized one I used for a scrapbook layout. I kept the same colors and used it on a non-Valentine’s Day layout about a recent trip to Natural Bridge Caverns.  


scrapbook page with paper pennant

 pennant close up on scrapbook page

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