Hey there, Crafters! Did you know that you can turn almost any paper into a sticker simply using 2Way glue? It's truly so easy, and once you have made your first stickers, you'll be totally addicted! Follow along as I teach you how to create your own custom stickers! 


 To get started, choose the piece of paper you will be using and your coloring supplies. I am going to use my water-based markers to do a watercolor wash on my paper. I took a few colors of markers and colored them on a piece of plastic. Then I wet my entire sheet of paper with a paintbrush and water. 

Prepping your sheet for painting


Now you're ready to paint! I used my paintbrush and water to turn my markers spots into paint, and painted a rainbow wash on my piece of paper. You can decorate your paper however you like! 


painting your paper for diy stickers


Once you have your sheet finished, it is time to punch out your stickers! I am using some punches, but you could also use a die cutting machine or fussy cut with scissors. I cut my paper into a few strips so that I could access certain areas of the paper with my punches. 

Punching out paper for DIY stickers


Now that your shapes are all cut out, lets add the adhesive! 2-Way glues work.... in two ways! Who would have thought? ;-D This means you can apply them one way for a permanent bond and another way for a removable bond. To get a permanent bond, simply apply the glue to the back of your paper piece and stick it to another piece of paper. Once it dries, it will be on there permanently. To get a removable bond for your DIY stickers, apply glue to the back of each piece, and then let the pieces sit and dry completely. This will take a few hours.


Adding glue to DIY stickers


Once your stickers are dry, they are ready to be used! I use old backing sheets from used stickers or glue dots to hold my stickers until I am ready to use them. I made these particular stickers to create a banner in the corner of my planner, so I am going to go ahead and stick them right on! 


Using your new DIY paper stickers


So cute and so easy! What kind of DIY stickers are you going to make? Be sure to show us on Facebook and Instagram! Use #cardstockwarehouse for a chance to be featured on our page! 

Happy Crafting! 


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