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DIY Space Theme Paper Banner

DIY Space Theme Paper Banner

My sweet husband took the kids and I out stargazing last weekend, which my son is obsessed with. With his birthday fastly approaching I decided to make him a banner to hang at his gift table. Using your cutting machine and Cardstock Warehouse paper, you can decorate gift tables or even a baby’s high chair at your next party!


For this project, I first selected my paper by choosing colors that best matched my color scheme. I used Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers in Pure White, Orange Fizz, Sapphire Blue, Lockwood Green, Lemon Drop, Vista Stardream and Red Hot. I also used ribbon, glue dots and glue for this project.

DIY Space Theme Cardstock Paper Party Banner Materials

After choosing your paper, open up your Cricut Design Space app and open a new project. Then choose the following images: Banner Square (#M36182), Earth (#M44B0E) and Blast Off Rocket (#MAB3BF). To create the banner squares, I used the file Banner Square, ungrouped them,  and used to “duplicate” function to make three squares that are 5.2”, 4.6”, and 4.1”. Change the color of the largest square to your background color, the middle square to your middle layer color, and the top square to white. Now duplicate your largest square again to create the backing. These 4 pieces now make up one piece of your banner. Group these pieces and duplicate them to create as many pieces as you need for your banner. I made 5.


DIY Space Theme Banner Cricut Design Space File


Now that your banner squares are completed, it’s time to work on the rocket. Since it is a printed image, you are going to want to change it to a cutting image. To do this, select the rocket image, and click “layers”. You will then turn the image from “print” to “cut”. You will then change the color of each piece to match your color scheme. Now it’s time to type out what you want it to say. For my project, I used the font “Galaxy” and typed out “I am 3”. I then isolated the letters, but grouped the word “am”. Once you have your images and text centered and sized the way you want it, it’s time to cut!



Once all your pieces are cut out, it’s time to put your banner squares, earth and rocket together. Once you have pieced and glued your pieces together, take your hole punch and punch a hole in the top right and left corners making sure to leave at least a half inch from the edges.

DIY Space Theme Cardstock Paper Party Banner

Next, cut your ribbon. I like to leave a little extra at the ends for hanging so I cut my two end pieces to 12” long. Take your banner pieces and lay them face down. Then take your glue dots and place them on the inside next to the hole you punched.

DIY Space Theme Cardstock Paper Party Banner Glue Dots

Once the is done you will take your 2 ends pieces and start pushing them through the end holes and attaching them to the glue dots. Make sure you press hard to assure they are attached well. Next cut off 4, 1.5” long, strands of ribbon and connect the rest of your banner pieces making sure to cut off any excess.

DIY Space Theme Cardstock Paper Party Banner Ribbon Placement

Now take your back pieces you have cut and glue them to the back of each square. This will hide where you have attached your ribbons. Next, flip it around and carefully center and adhere each piece to the front of each square.

DIY Space Theme Cardstock Paper Party Banner

You now have your banner! You can hang it from the gift table or even from your child’s highchair for that smash cake moment!

DIY Space Theme Cardstock Paper Party Banner Finished

Making your own party banner? We would love to see your wonderful creations! Be sure to show us on Facebook or Instagram!

-Miriam from Miri’s Party House

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