DIY Piñata Card with Thai Papers

Thai Paper Piñata Card

Hey Crafters! Today we’re going to take an average card and add a fun twist to it! Follow along as we make a piñata style card for any occasion.

First, gather these supplies:
  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers
    • Gesso Materica 66lb
    • Mint Thai Unryu
    • Baby Blue Thai Unryu
    • Pumpkin Thai Unryu
    • Mustard Thai Unryu
    • Rainbow Holographic
  • glue gun
  • craft tape
  • craft glue pen
  • twine
  • die cut machine or scissors
  • mounting tape
  • cutting machine

Begin by opening up Design Space and create your card frame and choose the phrase you want. You can create the frame by inserting a basic square, sizing it to 5” x 7”, then duplicate the rectangle and place it on top of the original. Next, you will size the top rectangle so it is smaller and then slice it. Mine top/inner rectangle is 4" x 6" to create a half inch thick frame. The sliced image is now the frame for the card. For the phrase, I chose “yay” (#M8AF53C5). (I added in the stripes in the back just for reference. When cutting my pieces, I did not cut those.)

Cricut Design Space file for piñata card

Then cut out your pieces. I used Gesso White for the frame and for the offset of the phrase, and for the “yay” and the star, I used Rainbow Holographic.

Next, you can either use scissors or a die cut machine with the die set “Never Ending Fringe” by Ellen Hutson. Using Mint Thai, Baby Blue Thai, Pumpkin Thai, and Mustard Thai, cut a bunch of fringe pieces. If you’re using scissors, I would say to cut them into 2” thick strips and then cut the fringe. 

die cut Thai Paper fringe for piñata card

Now, take some mounting tape and adhere it around all 4 edges of the card. Place a gift card, money, or whatever you would like in the center of the card and add glitter or sequins.

creating inner gift pocket for piñata card

Then, place a sheet of tissue paper onto the mounting tape. Be sure that it does not cover all of the mounting tape. You will use the remaining mounting tape to adhere the fringe as well. You just want to cover the inner part of the mounting tape. 

adding tissue paper to gift pocket for piñata card

Using the hot glue gun, glue the twine to the back of the star and then glue the other end of the twine to the center of the tissue paper. This will be what the receiver will pull to get to the inside for the gift.

hot gluing pull string to center of tissue paper for piñata card


Now you can begin adhering the fringe, starting from the bottom and layering up. I used 3 layers of each color. If your fringe is too long, like mine, just tear it off at the ends. Be sure to bring the twine forward while you’re adhering the fringe.

Next, add the frame to the top of the card.

adding fringe to piñata card

And finally, add the phrase with some extra stars around the frame for decoration.

adding sentiment and stars to finished piñata card

This is just a cute spin on a regular card, and is a great way for someone special to get a gift in a fun way!

finished piñata card

The truly fun part is pulling the string and busting it open!! You can see a fun video on our Instagram!

busting open piñata card

I hope you enjoyed making this card with me and I hope whoever receives the card has a SMASHING time!

What are you crafting right now? We would love to see! Show us your creations on Instagram or Facebook! Tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured in our stories. 

Happy Crafting!

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