With Halloween quickly approaching I took one of my favorite projects - confetti shaker cards - and made them more appropriate for this spooky season. I had fun filling my cards with Halloween themed confetti, googly eyes and lots of glitter and sequins.  These cards are perfect to send to someone who loves celebrating this candy-filled holiday.


Steps:(materials photo)

  1. Design your cards in your cutting machine software. You can choose any phrase, word or image!
  2. Once your card overlays are cut out, select the confetti you want to put in each shaker card.
  3. For purple and silver chunky glitter paper, use a foam brush to apply mod podge to your paper in a thin layer, and then sprinkle with glitter. Let dry. Halloween Cardstock Paper Shaker Cards
  4. Fill the bottom portion of the clear cello bag.
  5. Place the cello bag behind your card, to line up and see how much of the bag top needs to be cut off.  You want just enough cello bag to cover the openings, but not too much that it comes off the top edge of the card. It should just be a bit taller than the word or image cut out. Halloween Cardstock Paper Shaker Cards
  6. Use your regular clear tape to seal the top of the bag to the back of your card. Tape down the other sides as well.  All of the confetti should now be contained in the cello bag attached on the back.
  7. Use the double sided tape and place it around all four edges of the card.
  8. Cut a solid piece of cardstock or glitter paper for your card backing.
  9. Attach the card top to the solid backing.
  10. Cut off any excess paper backing around the edges.
  11. Shake it up!  You can give your card a few shakes to distribute the confetti more evenly.

Halloween Cardstock Paper Shaker Cards Boo Ghost Eek

Halloween Cardstock Paper Shaker Cards

Halloween Cardstock Paper Shaker Cards

What would you fill your Halloween shaker cards with? Be sure to show us onFacebook orInstagram!

Have a boo-tiful October!

-Ilyssa (Made by Ilyssa)

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