3D Instant Camera with Photos

3D Instant Camera with Photos

Hey everyone! Amanda here with another fun 3D craft for you. Let's make a paper instant camera! The best part is that you can store little photos in the tray when you're done.

Here's what you'll need...

  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers:
    • For the Camera and Lenses
      • Fuchsia Colorplan 100lb
      • Beach Blue Lessebo Colours 83lb
      • Silver MirriSparkle 104lb
    • For the Stripes
      • Cherry Lessebo Colours 83lb
      • Flame Lessebo Colours 83lb
      • Factory Yellow Colorplan 100lb
      • Kelly Green Lessebo Colours 83lb
      • Blu Intenso Woodstock 105lb
  • 3D Instant Camera Etsy File
  • Acetate
  • Cutting Machine
  • Bearly Art® Glue


I uploaded my purchased file into Cricut and changed the colors to the colors listed above. If you’re going to resize it, make sure to have everything selected/grouped to resize. After cutting all of my pieces, I laid each section out to work one section at a time.

die cut pieces for 3d paper instant camera

I decided to start with the assembly of the camera box, this will be the area that the base slides into. I folded along all the scored tabs and then applied glue. I then did the same with the base - the base is the portion that will hold all of your photos.

assembling base pieces for 3d paper instant camera

After these two section were completed, I grabbed the pieces for the front of the camera. I started with the blue pieces, folding along the score tabs. Once those were all in place, I grabbed my pink paper and glued it so that all the open hole areas lined up against the blue one. I then grabbed the long pink strip and began gluing it along the side of the camera area, covering the blue strips that were exposed.

assembling front of 3d paper instant camera

I then took the camera lens/knob pieces and using a pen, ran the strips along the pen to “curve” the pieces. This is optional and can also be done using your finger. Once the pieces were curved, I added glue and used some pins to put pressure on the glued tabs so I can move on to the next pieces. I also layered my silver glitter and blue circles with acetate and glued it.

assembling lens for 3d paper instant camera

While the pieces are drying, I grabbed the thin colored strips and began gluing them to the empty camera area underneath where the “lens” will go. After your camera pieces are dried, you can slide them into the appropriate hole areas. You don’t have to glue them as you’ll still be able to “turn” your lens, focus knob, etc.

adding lens to 3d paper instant camera

Once the front of your camera is complete, it’s time to finish the back. For this area, you’ll just need to score and glue the tabs together to form the bulky "body" area of this blast-from-the-past camera. 

assembling the body of 3d paper instant camera

Finally, have fun printing out some photos and enter them into the storage tray when you’re done. :-)


3d instant camera with printed photos

This is a great way to store some summer memories, and definitely gave me nostalgic vibes! This would also be a great gift for a friend! You could even stash a gift card in the drawer as a birthday gift with memories. 


3d instant camera with printed photos

I hope this project inspired you to create!  

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Happy Crafting!

Amanda (@lacedesignsstudio)

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