DIY 3D Mail Truck

3D Mail Truck Favor Box

Hi, Crafty Friends! It’s that time of year again when I start prepping goodies to gift my USPS driver for being so helpful in picking up orders from me every day. What's a cuter way to do that than with a delivery truck?! The best part... it holds candy or a gift card inside!


  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers:
    • Truck:
      • Crystal Stardream Metallic 105lb
      • Sirio Ultra Black
      • Cherry Lessebo Colours 100lb
      • Adriatic Colorplan 100lb
      • Azure Blue Colorplan 100lb
      • Rainbow Holographic Mirror
    • Shipping Box:
      • Gold Stardream Metallic 105lb
  • Diamond Print White Glitter
  • File - MrJoCraft - Free via Youtube
    • Watch the video to obtain the password for the file!
  • Foamies (optional for wheels or headlights)
  • Cutting Machine
  • Bearly Arts Glue

As always, I started by uploading my project into Cricut. I adapted the Ice Cream Truck from MrJoCraft's YouTube to make it a mail truck. You can watch the MrJoCraft YouTube video linked above to get the file. After cutting, I laid out all my pieces to see where I’d like to start. In this project, the wheels take the longest, so I’ll be saving that assembly closer to the end.

die cut pieces for paper mail truck favor box

I started by folding along the score lines, keeping in mind that certain pieces are scored to serve as a guide of where to glue. The pieces that are scored for no scoring are: The bottom of the wheelbase, the truck doors, and where the wheels will line up.

folding base of 3d paper mail truck
Here is what it looks like with the wheel wells glued over the placement score lines.

adding wheel wells to truck base

I then decided to work with some of the layered objects so that I had more space on my desk.

layered paper mail truck details

After layering the rim of the windows with holographic cardstock, I placed the azure blue on the inside. Already it started looking super realistic! I started gluing the base of the box where all folds met and then began assembling the front of the doors.

building 3d paper mail truck

The extra layer of doors is what gives you access to putting stuff inside of the truck, and was super easy to put together, just adding glue.

gluing doors onto 3d paper mail truck

Just like that, a majority of the box is put together! Now we’ll start the wheels - what I love most here is that they actually roll!

Take the strip with the small triangles and start folding along the scored lines. The tab at the front end will get glued to the straight edge of the strip, forming a circle. You’ll want to repeat this 4 times until all wheels are scored and strips glued. You’ll also take the two smaller strips that form a rectangle and glue them.

making paper wheels for 3d mail truck

Now you’ll want to take the circle with the square cutout and glue it on the outside of the circular strip. Next, we’ll grab the smaller rectangular strip and place the opening through the square cutout. The 4 small pieces that are sticking out will get bent back and glued to the inside of the wheel. This piece is very important as this is what makes it possible for the wheels to roll. Repeat this until you have two wheel rollers.

building wheels for 3d paper mail truck

Now that you have two wheel rollers, you will lace them through the base box for the wheels. This is the piece we set aside earlier where we added the two small flat wheels on the box. Once your two rollers are through the opening, you’ll add the remaining two wheels and add glue to the inside strips to keep them stuck to the wheels like we did earlier. Now, you can close off the wheels with the remaining black circles. At this time, you can also add your small holographic circles, either with glue, foamies, or you can omit this part.

attaching wheels to 3d paper mail truck

Now that you have the box for the wheel base completed, it’s time to glue it to the bottom of the truck. For this, I turned my truck upside down and remembered to line it up using the score lines I mentioned in the beginning.

glued 3d paper mail truck wheels

The last two steps of the truck assembly are to use the front piece with the headlights to seal off the opening closure, and the same for the back. For both of these, the rectangle pieces will go toward the bottom. 
assembling front and back of paper mail truck

I decided to add some delivery boxes to jazz this up, so I simply needed to fold along the score lines and add glue to create a rectangle. Super simple!

building paper shipping box
And there you have it! The cutest little mail truck ever!! Now it is ready for you to fill with goodies! 

3d paper mail truck with paper shipping boxes

I hope this project inspired you to create!  

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Happy Crafting!

Amanda (@lacedesignsstudio)

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