3D Back-to-School Backpack Treat Box

DIY 3D Paper Backpack Treat Box

Hi, crafty friends! The new school year is sneaking up on us and now is the time to get ready! I’m all for creative ways of gifting gifts, so today we are going to make a cute back-to-school 3D backpack gift holder that can actually hold a ton of things! 

So gather your supplies and follow along! 

  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers 
    • Acqua Materica 66lb
    • Clay Materica 66lb
    • Bianco Woodstock 83lb
    • Moss Lessebo Colours 83lb
    • Pashmina Lessebo Colours 83lb
    • Nero Woodstock 83lb
    • Noce Woodstock 83lb
  • hot glue gun 
  • craft tape
  • cutting machine 
  • vinyl 
  • 3D backpack SVG file

I purchased this SVG file and uploaded it into Design Space. Before you actually do any cutting, I suggest making one change. You will want to horizontally flip one side of the backpack (the long piece on the right of the pic below). 

Cricut Design Space screenshot of 3D Backpack File

Next, we can begin cutting. I made three backpacks all in different colors but each backpack only uses three colors. For the first backpack, I used Acqua, Clay, and Bianco. For the second backpack I used Moss, Pashmina, and Bianco and for the third backpack, I used Nero, Noce, and Bianco. 

papers and die cuts for 3d paper backpack

Once you have your pieces cut, we can begin assembling the backpacks. We are going to start with the main part of the backpack. Begin by folding along the score lines of the two long pieces. These will be the sides of the backpack. Then you will adhere them to the base of the backpack. It is important to remember that you are adhering the correct sides down. You will want to make sure that on the first base you are adhering the part without the curve first. You can figure this out by looking for the side without a slight curve. I found it easier to assemble this way. 

assembling the sides and base of 3d paper backpack

Also, I found it easier to use craft tape as an “extra hand”. I used it on the base, then attached the sides, and then went back and used hot glue to secure it. 

Let’s move on to the top of the backpack. Attach the top of the bag to the top of the flap. Then, take the two rectangular pieces and adhere them to the small straps. This is just to make the straps more sturdy since they will be moving in and out of the buckles. This is also where I added the name in vinyl to the rectangular piece in the color Bianco.

assembling the flap of 3d paper backpack

Using hot glue, adhere the base of the flap to the inside of the back of the backpack. 

adding flap to top of backpackNext, add the front pocket of the backpack. I just used craft tape to adhere it. 

adding front pocket to front of 3d paper backpack

Next, we will move on to the buckles. Take the tiny part of the buckle (I used Bianco for these) and adhere it to the small scored rectangular piece. Next, you will kind of eyeball measure on where to secure them. I took the craft tape and added it to the backs of the scored flaps and then once I knew where I wanted the buckles, I secured them with hot glue. 

buckle for front of 3d backpack

Next, let’s work on the back of the backpack. Take the straps of the backpack and fold them along the score lines. Take your hot glue and add a little bit to the top and bottom of the strap and adhere it to each side of the backpack. 

adding straps to 3d paper backpack

Let’s not forget the handle that goes on the top of the backpack. Secure it from the back using craft tape. 

Lastly, assemble the side pockets by scoring along the score lines. On the bottom corners of the pocket, cut a square off of each side, this will make it easier to fold. Then add hot glue and adhere to the sides of the backpack. 

adding side pockets to 3d paper backpack

Now comes the fun part, add some tissue paper and tiny gifts!

adding goodies to 3d paper backpack

And there we have it, a fun 3D backpack gift holder for kids and teachers! 

3d Paper Backpack Treat Box
3d Paper Backpack Treat Box with Goodies

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Have a wonderful school year!

What are you crafting right now? We would love to see! Show us your creations on Instagram or Facebook! Tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured in our stories. 

Happy Crafting!

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