Decorative 3D Paper Pinwheels

Decorative 3D Paper Pinwheels

Summer is upon us! Let’s decorate with pinwheels, which have the feel-good vibes of childhood summers. While these don’t spin, they are hardy and can be strung up as a garland or displayed as a bouquet. Pop-Tone Collection papers are the perfect shades for pinwheels. These would also make great party favors for a summer party!


  • Paper cutting blade such as an Excel or X-Acto Knife (blade #11)
  • 2 Roundhead Brass Fasteners
  • 2 Paper straws
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hole punch
  • Cutting Mat




Print out a copy of the Pinwheel Cutouts PDF on each of your chosen papers.

Decorative Cardstock Paper 3D Pinwheels Supplies

Cut out the pinwheels. I used a combination of blade and ruler for the straight edges, and scissors for the curved. Hole punch for the holes of course.

Decorative Cardstock Paper 3D Pinwheels Cutouts


Overlay one cutout atop the other, aligning the center holes. Rotate the cutouts so that you can see the corners of both papers.

Decorative Cardstock Paper 3D Pinwheels Overlapping

Fold over any one of the hole-punched arms. Moving in a clockwise direction, bring the arms to the center, keeping the holes aligned. Press a Brass Fastener through the armholes, and then through the center holes to the back of the pinwheel. Fasten in place.

Decorative Cardstock Paper 3D Pinwheels Brad Assembly 

Using a cutting blade, cut small slits through the paper straw, near one end.

Direct the fastener through the slits, and secure in place.

 Decorative Cardstock Paper 3D Pinwheels Stick Assembly

Repeat with the remaining set of cutouts.

Decorative Cardstock Paper 3D Pinwheels


Create a collection with a rainbow of colors for festive decor at summer events!

Making your own? Do share your pinwheel projects with us on Facebook or Instagram. Tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our account! 

 - Jen (GinkgoMaker)

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