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Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile

Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile

A mobile to celebrate April Showers! Using subtle yet eye-catching metallic cardstock in aqua toned hues, this mobile is a refreshing touch to a child’s room or nursery. I’ve hung it in our sunroom, to dance between hanging plants. Feel free to choose your own color scheme of course! We live near the ocean, and thus this palette appealed to me.




  • Paper cutting blade (such as Excel or Exacto)
  • Self-healing mat
  • Glue dots
  • Thread (sewing type)
  • String (e.g. baker’s twine, not pictured)
  • Stick (found in the great outdoors)


Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile Supplies


Print out the Raindrops Mobile PDFs and cut out the shapes. I prefer using a blade, but sharp scissors would work just as well. In regards to the large concentric raindrops, discard the skinny “spacer” raindrops between the three main raindrops.


Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile Template Cutting


Organize your cut out shapes so they are ready for assembly.


Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile Pieces


Place a glue dot at the top and bottom of the largest raindrop. Press the end of the thread to the bottom of the raindrop, and extend it through the pointed top. Layer on another large raindrop, sandwiching the thread in between. Next, choose a medium raindrop in a different color, and again using glue dots, sandwich the thread. 


Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile Assembly


Finally sandwich the smallest raindrop. The thread is still connected to the spool at this point.

Test out the mobile - the inner raindrops should rotate freely.


Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile


Start adding small raindrops, working your way up the thread. I spaced mine with 1 inch gaps. I added 5 raindrops to the first strand, and then cut off the thread 8 inches above the topmost drop.


Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile


Make two more strands in the same way, except they will differ in length; the second will have only 3 small raindrops, and the third, 7 small raindrops. There will be small raindrops leftover; feel free to add to your mobile.


Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile


Tie your strands to the stick. I looped the thread around twice before tying a knot.


Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile Tying Strings


Find the center of the stick, where when your string is tied, the stick hangs parallel to the ground.


Paper Raindrops Hanging Mobile


Hang it up and enjoy!

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Jennifer Zee

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