Embossed Sweater Gift Card Holder

Embossed Sweater Gift Card Holder

It’s that time of year again where I fall in love with Minnesota. It happens only twice a year... fall and spring. Both are very short here. But when it comes, I embrace it with all my heart! I often tell the story of how we had to rake up the leaves in the backyard as children. Most of the time we were just making huge piles and jumping right in the middle of them! Needless to say, hardly any raking got completed by the end of the evening. But it’s a memory that I am very fond of and love so very much! Besides that, pumpkin everything! Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin creamer, pumpkin cake, pumpkin pies… I can go on and on and on. That reminds me to get some puree to make some cupcakes... mmmmm!

I love the aroma of the fall and the changing colors. With that being said, I had to make a pumpkin card. Why not? Although this time, instead of the traditional fall colors… I decided to import more of my shabby chic side that I love so much. So now we have two things that I love… Fall and shabby… But wait there’s more! I love the act of giving. It brings me such great pleasure. So now we have three! Giving, fall, and shabby. So much goodness in one little post - I could just burst into sprinkles!!

With that said, now is the best time to get comfortable with a small blanket, a book, and a huge mug of pumpkin latte. So grab your book, grab your latte, and I’ll take care of the warmth. I have a sweater that’s perfect for you! 

Let’s get started on making the super quick and easy "Cozy" Sweater gift card holder.


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Pink Lemonade Pop-Tone
    • Oatmeal Speckletone
    • Madero Beach Speckletone
    • Gumdrop Green Pop-Tone
  • FREE Sweater gift card holder template
    • Click the link, right click the image, click "save" and save to your computer. Then import into any die-cutting machine.
  • Sweater/textured embossing folder 
  • Wet glue
  • Foam Squares
  • Scor-Tape adhesive
  • Ephemera or sentiments
  • Small flat back pearl embellishments


supplies for sweater gift card holder card 

Start out by cutting all of the pieces to the template. (Template is in the supply list above.) You should have the following: 

  • (1) base holder 
  • (2) the first layering piece. Side bar: two and three are interchangeable, depending on the look you’re going for. I'm using the scoop neck for my first layer.
  • (3) inside layer 
  • (4) second layering piece
  • (5) cuffs and collar (optional)
  • (6) gift card pocket

die cut pieces for sweater card  

Next, gather all of your "toppings." I have my sweater embossing folder, my ephemera, my flat back pearls, and my poinsettia. I used the gumdrop green cardstock to cut the die from my stash to use as leaves.  

embellishments for sweater card

We will start on the inside of the gift card holder. Take your base layer and fold it in half. Use your bone folder to crease. Add your inner layer here as well. I used wet glue to attach. 

card layers for sweater card

Next grab your gift card pocket. I’m using a gift card to make sure I don’t add too much tape on the ends. Add double-sided tape to the top and the bottom of the gift card pocket. Attach it to the top of the inner layer. Your gift card will slide through here.

adding gift card pocket to inside of sweater card

Moving to the front of the card, layer your first layer here. Again, I chose to use the scoop neck. Next, layer your second layer. This is the piece that should be embossed. Look how beautiful that embossing is. Yes, it is on the wrong side. And yes, I did attach it on the wrong side… But don’t fret… I just re-cut it and re-embossed the correct way. 🤗

adding embossed layer to front of sweater card

This part is optional. I just felt like my shabby chic person was a little preppy and needed a collar and some cuffs. These can be a little tricky as they are super small. Go slow and you’ll be fine. The connected pieces are the base and the separate pieces are little layers that you could use to pop up and add some dimension. My collar layer is directly on my embossed sweater. I used small pop dots to add the layers on top of that. I only did this for the collar. 

That is so much better! Yes, I do realize the left collar is crooked. By the time we get to the final picture it will be fixed, I promise! I went ahead and added the little cuffs to the sleeves, as well. 

adding cuffs to front of sweater card 

Now that the card is complete, I can add decorations to the front. Sometimes I can’t control myself with the layers but I think I did a good job here today. 🥴 

These little shabby chic pieces are from a digital collection that I purchased online. You can use whatever decorations you like.

sweater card with embellishments

Once I’m done with my layering, I’m going to add my poinsettia flower that I will break apart and use as leaves. But first, I want to add a little bit of brown ink so that it tones down the color and adds another layer of texture to the card. 

adding brown ink to gumdrop green leaves

My layering is all complete but it’s missing something. Ahhhh, those pearls. They dropped and were out of sight. And you know that means - out of mind. But I remembered and placed them on the tips of my collar and cuffs. I also added two to my autumn sentiment. Now that fixes things! So cute! 

adding pearl embellishments to sweater card

You can also add a little message to the top of your gift card pocket. Or leave the gift card out and write a little message on your sweater card.

gift card holder inside sweater card

All done! And you know what that means, right?? Finishing photos!!! If you look closely, I fixed the collar. 😉 Thank you so much for joining me on this nice fall cozy day. I hope you enjoy the gift card holder and the templates I created! 

sweater gift card holder greeting card

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I saw this card on Pinterest and was so excited to see that is by my very own Tmika w/ Scrapdaworld. I’m downloading the SVG and making my version! Great job! Great blog!

Theresa Rowan

Beautiful card! Thanks for the file!

Lynn Rogers

This is stunning art. I love every bit of that card. Where is the embossing folder from? That’s a must have Thank you so much Tmika!

Rosetta Jenkins

This is a beautiful gift card Tmika! This sweater let’s me know that my favorite season is here🥰🥰🥰. Have a wonderful fall season!


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