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Earth Day Magnets

Earth Day Magnets

Hey there crafty friends! 

It’s Earth Day! To celebrate our beautiful planet, I’m going to show you how to make some fun Earth Day Magnets!

Because I have a ton of magnets lying around, let’s REUSE them! You know those flat magnets that you get in the mail from realtors and dentists? Those are perfect for this project! 

Let’s gather our supplies and begin! 


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Cobalt
    • China White
    • Kraft
    • Whip Cream
    • Lockwood Green
    • Cherry Wood Veneer
  • Magnets
  • 2 Way Zig Glue Pen
  • Scor-Tape
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Machine (I'm using a Cricut) 


supplies for earth day magnets


To begin, let’s open up Design Space or whatever software you prefer. These are the images I’m using. You can view the Cricut project at this link. If you are using another machine, you can search for things like "Earth Day," "recycling," "bees," etc to find some images to use.

design space files for earth day magnets

I added a background to most of the images I used using the new Cricut offset feature. This made it easier to add magnets to them. 

To do this, highlight the entire image you are working with, and then click the “offset” button in the tools bar. 

*If there are any unwanted “holes” in your offset image, you can go ahead and use the contour feature to remove those and that will create one solid background for your image. 

using the offset feature in Cricut Design Space

Next, decide what colors you want for each image and begin cutting. I used the following colors for each of my elements:

  • #earthday: Kraft on top of Whip Cream
  • globe: Lockwood Green, Cobalt, and Cherry Wood Veneer
  • help bees, plant trees, save the seas: China White
  • bee: Kraft on China White
  • tree: Lockwood Green on China White
  • water: Cobalt on China White
  • recycle symbol: Lockwood Green on China White
  • love our planet: Lockwood Green and Cobalt on China White

die cut pieces for earth day magnets 

Then, I’m going to assemble each piece using my Zig Glue Pen. 

assembled die cuts for earth day magnets with zig glue pen

Now, let’s cut the magnets into equal squares and adhere them to the backs of each image. I adhered these using Scor-Tape because it is nice and strong. 

adding magnets to the back of the earth day die cuts

And there we have it! I reused an item around my house plus some beautiful cardstock and made something useful!


Finished earth day magnets on a metal board


These would be a great gift for the teacher in your life, or you can stick them on a metal board for your kids to enjoy while you teach them about the value of reusing and recycling! 


Earth day magnets on a metal board on a shelf


Thanks for hanging out and I can’t wait to see what you create for Earth Day! Share them with us on our Instagram or Facebook page, and use #cardstockwarehouse for a chance to be featured on our page!   


Thank you for following along! 

Kayla from HoneyBee Paper Co

ETSY: HoneyBee Paper Co.

INSTAGRAM: @honeybeepaperco_


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