Donut Treat Boxes

DIY Donut Treat Boxes

Hi crafty friends! Kayla here from HoneyBee Paper Co back on the blog to show you how to make this cute (and tasty!) Valentine Treat Box. These cute little treat boxes are super easy and fun to make and will definitely impress! 


Donut Treat Box Paper Selection


For this project you will need: 

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • 12x12 100lb paper in: Bubblegum Pink, Wild Cherry, Oatmeal Speckletone, Whip Cream, Grape Jelly, Gold Mirror, Berrylicious, Gumdrop Green, and Razzle Berry
  • Cutting Machine 
  • StandardGrip Machine Mat 
  • Scoring Wheel 
  • Permanent Glue Tape 
  • Donuts

That’s it! When you have all of your supplies gathered, we can get started! 

To begin, you’re going to need to find a hexagon box. For my project I used the free hexagonal prism box template #M934E4 from Design Space (but of course you can use any hexagon box you’d like). You will also want to find a donut template that you like. 

Cricut Design Space Treat Box Template

Design Space Donut Template


Once you have these templates up on your screen, the next few steps are a breeze! 

You will need to decide what colors you want for the boxes and what colors you want for the donuts. Once you have decided, you can go ahead and click “Make It” on your Design Space screen. 

After the project is done cutting, you are now ready to assemble the boxes! Follow along the score lines for the top and bottom of the boxes, practice fitting the pieces together before you apply your glue. Once you have an idea of how the box will assemble together,  you can apply your glue to the tabs and adhere it. 


Cardstock Paper Donut Treat Box


Then, glue the assembled donut piece onto the center of the box top. 


Cardstock Paper DIY Donut Treat Box


Lastly (the best part!), place a donut inside the box! And there you have it! A cute, yet tasty Valentine’s Day treat box! 

Cardstock Paper Donut Treat Boxes

We would love to see all your treat boxes! Share with us on our Instagram or Facebook page, and use #cardstockwarehouse for a chance to be featured on our page!  

Happy Crafting! 

Kayla at Gray Paper Company 

ETSY: HoneyBee Paper Co.

INSTAGRAM: @honeybeepaperco_

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Hi Canikah,
Kayla is using 12×12 paper in 100lb. Hope that helps!
-Cardstock Warehouse

Design Team

I hat weight and size card stock do I need?

Canikah Woods

amazing!!!!!! I like your blog.

Goto Boxes

Hi Laura,
Glad to hear you like them! We only sell the paper, but you can buy the assembled boxes from Kayla on her Etsy shop which is linked at the end of this blog. :-)

Design Team

I loved these. Bought them from the GrayPaper Company already assembled. Using them as boxes for party favors for my granddaughter’s 13th birthday. They are adorable!

Kathryn Grinnell

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