Birthday Stripes Handmade Greeting Card

Birthday Stripes Handmade Card

I am almost positive that everyone, at least once, in their lifetime has experienced needing that last-minute card. Nothing like having all the supplies to make cards at home and having to go out and buy a $5 card. Grrrr… I need to (eventually) make a stack of ‘All Occasion’ cards to have on hand. I have a plan to make a bunch of SVG files that I can quickly cut out and put together. Like BOOM DONE! I'm not there yet – but – I do have one ready to go! I’m going to share it with you today. Yay!! The magical thing about having a simple base is that you can always add to it! So, today I am going to show you three ways to use simple letters and scrap papers. Let’s go!


  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers:
    • Cherry Lessebo 100lb
    • Beach Blue Lessebo 100lb
    • Flamingo Lessebo 100lb
    • White Lessebo 100lb
    • Canary Lessebo 100lb
    • Flame Lessebo 100lb
    • Pistacchio Woodstock 105lb
    • Lavender Colorplan 100lb
    • Forest Green Colorplan 100lb
    • Desert Sand MirriSparkle
  • Electronic Cutting Machine
  • Foam Dots
  • Acetate
  • Hot glue/Wet glue/Double-sided tape

Let's start with the first card.

Find your paper scraps! I have a little bin of large scraps that are becoming a nuisance. I took those scraps out of that bin and cut them down to ½” strips. (I have included a strip file for your convenience, in case you want to use whole sheets. 😊) Cut plenty. 

 cut multi-colored paper strips

Cut out the Base file, "Happy Birthday" file, and "To You" file in your desired cardstock. I cut one in white and one in Desert Sand MirriSparkle. Separate AND KEEP the letters from the file and put them aside for now. 

die cut letters for handmade card

Using wet or dry glue, adhere your paper strips down so that they touch each other really close. I put mine down at an angle – cause I’m fancy. 😊 Once you're done, ensure that all of your strips are adhered properly. It should look a little crazy – like this. 

gluing paper strips to card base

Flip the base over and cut off the excess. It's so neat and cool once this is done!

trimming excess off of paper strip card base

Adhere the “Birthday” cut out to acetate using wet glue. A little tip to get the middle parts of the letters to be accurate is to lay back down the letter, glue the inside part..then remove the letter. Perfect placement!

gluing letters to acetate for birthday stripe shaker card

Once the wet glue had dried, apply foam dimension to the back in the areas that can not be seen from the front. Then, remove the backing and lay it on top of the striped base.

adding sentiment to front of paper stripes background

Add the “to you” sentiment to the front right. I cut it twice and glued them together for an extra dimensional effect. Add that whole piece to the “offset” base layer. I just used dry adhesive for this. 

adding final touches to birthday stripe card

Start your second card by repeating the layering portions list as above. Use the same scraps from earlier. That’s why we cut lots. 😊 Cut a piece of acetate to measure the same as your base. My cards are all 5x7. Next, lay the letters down on the acetate using wet glue, in the order you’d prefer. I just followed the previous card.

gluing letters onto acetate for birthday stripe card

Once the letters have been adhered, you can lay the acetate on top and stich around the edges to secure OR use smaller foam dots UNDER the letter to attach it to the base. This is optional, but before I glued my acetate layer down, I added copper stitching down the middle of all the pieces to spice it up. I love how it looks! Finally, add dimension foam dots to the back and adhere to the card base. I opted for a Pistacchio background for this one. Side Bar: You can totally add shaker bits to this before completely sealing.

layering pieces for birthday stripe card

For the last card, I am going to make an all-white version. Take the base piece and add stitching around the border. I cut out an additional set of letters to layer on top of each other for dimension. I repeated the same layout that I used above, and used a Copper Mirror card base for a small pop of color! ALL DONE!!

all white birthday card

Three cards – one basic file!! What do you think? As always, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you!

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Toodles, Tmika

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