3D Portable Garden Flower Cart

3D Flower Stand Portable Garden

SPRING IS HERE!! (For some, but not me.) Yes, it’s true. I live in Minnesota. Literally looking out of the window right now and seeing a snowstorm! I was driving to work this morning and could not see but only the car in front of me. There was a really dense fog of gray above me and really wet mush and crumbles under me. But for most of you, it’s spring! So I’m not gonna dampen your mood. But to get me in the mood, I'm making an awesome spring project filled with lots of fun colors! I can imagine a nice lady pushing this cart through the nice spring streets - selling her homegrown happiness. Beautiful colors decorate the cart. Too many lovely plants to choose from! So let’s get into making this super fun cart! Have fun with your color combinations - let YOUR imagination take you there!


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Dark Amethyst Colorplan 65lb
    • Candy Pink Colorplan 100lb
    • Gold Mirror 100lb
    • Lavender Colorplan 100lb
    • Mid Green Colorplan 100lb
    • Chartreuse Colorplan 100lb
    • Pistacchio Woodstock 105lb
    • Bright White Colorplan 100lb
    • Cherry Wood Veneer

Start out by cutting all of your SVG files. If you're using a Cricut, you'll need to select the score lines in the awning pieces and the rectangle pieces and change them to "score."

The white card stock you see cut is my base layer. Since I’ll be gifting my cart, I want to make sure it stands the test of time, so I decided to cut all of my base pieces out in white card stock and then layer the color cardstock on top. This will make it sturdier. I also cut flowers, flourishes, and leaves to decorate my cart. These items are all collected SVG files that I have had over the years. You can search your machine's software for "flowers" and "leaves" to find your own accessories. 

die cut pieces for 3d flower cart

I’m starting out with putting my flowers together. I added a little flat back pearl in the middle of some of the flowers. 

3d die cut paper flowers

Next, I’m going to layer my awning pieces. Again, I cut this out in white card stock and then colored card stock to go on top. I followed that up by layering the rest of my pieces on top of each other. 

awning pieces for 3d flower cart

Cut out your box piece and fold on all the perforated lines. I cut a little sliver off to ensure that it folds nicely. Adhere with hot glue and layer colored card stock if you wish. 

center box for flower cart

Now it's time to put our cart together. Cut your window piece out of acetate. You could make this a shaker if you wish. I just decided to keep mine as a clear window. I used wet glue to adhere the acetate piece in between my two base pieces. Then, add your top layer to that to finish off your carts. Be sure to mirror your cart so that you can have a nice backside. 

front and back pieces of 3d flower cart

Cut out your flower sign. I used a scrap piece of paper behind it to make sure the word was more visible. Be sure to keep the centers of the letters “o” and “e”  when you’re cutting so that you can use the insert piece to finish off the word. Otherwise, those two letters will have holes. I added foam dots to the back of my sign. 

3d paper flower cart sign

All of your pieces should be layered together, your acetate window should be wedged in between your two cart pieces, and your wheels should be put together as well. Go ahead and lay them on top of your cart and adhere them with hot glue. 

3d paper flower cart wheels and window

Once you have that together, add hot glue to the longer side of your box and put it at the bottom of your card. Make sure you don’t go past the bottom and onto the wheels where you’ll see the box. Your box should look like this, in between your cart base. 

adding front and back to flower cart

Now it’s time to add the base of the awning. Fold up your rectangle at the perforated marks and hot glue to the inside of each side of the base. This should line up with the top of the cart, right to the top edge. 

inserting awning top to 3d flower cart

Next start layering your awning pieces to the top. There should be a bit of a hangover. This is done on purpose to mimic a true awning. Your finished piece should look like this. 

adding awning to the top of 3d flower cart

Now you can go ahead and decorate the front of your cart as desired. I’m going to layer all of my flowers around my cart to create a beautiful portable garden.

3d flowers glued to front of flower cart

And we’re done! Now wasn’t that easy? I guess the most complicated thing is gluing everything to itself, lol! I hope you enjoyed this project and the free SVG files. Be sure to top this with lots of goodies for your crafty friends or decorate it to your heart's content and leave it on your shelf for yourself… Have fun! 

3d Paper Flower Cart 

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Toodles, Tmika

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