3D Nutcracker Christmas Box

3D Nutcracker Christmas Box

Hi Crafty Friends, Happy Holidays! Christmas has definitely snuck up on me this year- I can’t believe it is next week! So to finish up my holiday crafting, I am going to make a super easy and cute Nutcracker Box! This is so versatile and can be used for gift cards, treats, or small presents. Let’s gather the supplies and get started!


First, open up Design Space (or your machine's software) and upload the file listed above from Etsy. Decide what colors you want the Nutcracker box to be. I chose Pitch Black for the box and the base of the Nutcracker, Gold for the accents, Dawn for the Nutcracker top, Clay for the hair, and Cherry Wood Veneer for the face.

paper swatches for nutcracker box

Now cut the pieces. Let’s begin assembling the Nutcracker Box. First, take the cut pieces of the box and fold along the dashed lines. Add glue to the flap of one of the sides and adhere it to the inside of the second side. Do the same for the other side until the box is formed. To finish the box, add glue to the bottom flap and adhere it closed.

folding and gluing 3d gable box

Take the box accent panel pieces and layer them together and then attach them to your box.

adding panels to outside of box

Now to start on the Nutcracker. First, take the base of the Nutcracker (black) and layer on the Gold and Dawn jacket pieces.

layering jacket pieces for nutcracker

Now add the arms and adhere the sleeves of the jacket to the top.

adding sleeves to nutcracker

Next, take the hair in Clay and adhere it to the black base, then take the Wood Veneer face and adhere it to the top of Clay. Then, add the beard pieces to finish the face.

adding details to nutcracker face

For the hat, add the piece in Pitch Black to the top of the face and then add the strip in Gold. Finally, add the gold shoes to his feet.

paper nutcracker for Nutcracker Christmas Gift or Favor Box

And there we have it! This cute Nutcracker Box can be used for so many things!

Nutcracker Christmas Gift or Favor BoxNutcracker Christmas Gift or Favor Box

Thank you for following along and happy holidays!

What are you crafting for the holidays? We would love to see! Show us your creations on Instagram or Facebook! Tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured in our stories. 

Happy Crafting!
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