3D Paper Kitchen Stand Mixer

Paper 3D Kitchen Mixer

Hi, Crafty Friends! I wanted to share with you all such a beautiful file that can be used as decor for the Holidays! It is beyond beautiful, and the file is very well thought out, making it super easy to make. :-) Let's get started!

  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers:
    • Stardream Silver
    • Silver MirriSparkle
    • Dawn Lessebo 100lb
    • Forest Colorplan 100lb
  • Mixer SVG File - Cre8ive Cutz
  • Cutting Machine
  • Bearly Arts™ Glue
  • Hot Glue (Optional)
  • Foamies (Optional)
  • Metal Ruler (Optional but highly recommended)
  • Photo Paper (Optional)

As always, I start by uploading my project into Cricut and after cutting, I lay out all my pieces. This file has many pieces to it, so we’ll work in smaller portions. I always start my projects by folding anything that’s scored so we can get that out of the way.

die cut pieces for 3d paper kitchen mixer

I decided that I wanted to start with the bowl - it’s really simple to assemble but probably the most time-consuming part of this wonderful project. I decided to use hot glue to fold the score tabs, but if you do so, please be careful not to burn yourself. You can use regular glue, but you will have to wait for each piece to dry or it will slide out of place or come apart. Since we already folded along the score lines, line up the bowl pieces so that the middle (octagon) is aligned, without any of the side tabs overlapping. Once it’s completed set it to the side. We won’t need it again until the very end.

assembling mixing bowl of 3d paper kitchen mixer

I then decided I wanted to work on the side panels because this seemed very fast to put together as well. I was super excited to see the finished outcome!

side panel pieces for 3d paper kitchen mixer

Once the knob is folded, you’ll want to glue the middle flaps (square shape) towards each other. Leave the tops (trapezoid - we’re working with lots of shapes today 😅) unglued, as we’ll actually be gluing these into a panel shortly.

assembling knob for 3d paper kitchen mixer

Take your panel with the open cut out and place the knob inside. Once it’s pushed through, we’ll turn it over and glue the flaps down to keep it in place.

adding knob to 3d paper kitchen mixer

I wanted to make the mixer look extra merry, so I found an image with matching colors. I glued the clip art directly onto my red panels, and I used color foamies to give some depth between the red and green panels.

assembling side panels of 3d paper kitchen mixer

Now that our panels are individually assembled, we can go ahead and start gluing them together. Grab the two wide, short panels, and begin lining them up to be glued. The scored tabs should remain at the bottom. Once glued together, you’ll grab the paper with the small rectangle and hole. We’re going to glue the completed panel into the rectangle.

assembling base of 3d paper kitchen mixer

Once that’s completed, take the circular rings and stack them together. There are 3 with a large hole cutout and 3 with a small hole cutout. Once each set is glued together, you can glue it to the base and line up the hole areas.

assembling rings for bowl holder on 3d paper kitchen mixer

Next, we’re going to work with the base of the mixer as we want to give it some support and height. Take your skinny strips, that should be folded, and start gluing them along the bottom of your kitchen mixer. Once both strips are glued, you can lay the mixer on the side so we can close off the bottom with extra support.

assembling bottom ridge of 3d paper kitchen mixer

You’re going to see two “outlined” pieces. One has squared inside corners, and the other doesn't. We’re going to use the wider piece, which has the squared inside corners. We’re going to glue it to the bottom of the mixer, and then glue it shut using the fully closed piece that measures the same size.

assembling base for 3d paper kitchen mixer

Now that our bottom base is done, we’re going to set it aside and work on the top. In a similar fashion to how we attached the bottom pieces around the kitchen mixer base, we’ll do the same here. Find your two skinny strips (the only skinny strips remaining) and fold now, if you didn’t fold along the score lines earlier. Take your trim and glue it on the center of the largest part. I recommend waiting to glue the trim for the second strip, as opposed to gluing it before the two green strips are set together to make sure they line up correctly. If not, you may have one slightly higher or lower than the first piece.

assembling top of 3d paper kitchen mixer

Once this is done, you can grab the closure piece for the top and glue it shut. I recommend going slowly by strip here because of the odd shape on the corners. Now flip it over and glue the outlined strip for support.

assembling top section of 3d paper kitchen mixer

We’re almost at the finish line! Great job so far. :-) This next piece is very important if you want your kitchen mixer to swing up and down. Fold your swing top piece along the score line if you haven’t already, and add glue to the shorter end. Make sure to glue it to the corner opposite the two holes on the remaining strip of green (or your choice color) paper. Then set aside.

assembling top hinge for 3d paper kitchen mixer

Finally, we’re working with the beaters. This requires patience along the score lines. I used a sharp metal ruler to help me fold them over as this piece is quite thinner than some of the other pieces we worked with. Once all 8 are folded, grab 4 and glue them together so that they all touch in a 90-degree angle. Once both sets of beaters are completed, we’re going to grab the panel we just added the swing top piece to, and we’re going to glue the beaters into the hole. I used hot glue here since the layers are thick and I wanted it to dry quickly. It’s ok if this piece glues messy because it will be covered.

attaching mixer of 3d paper kitchen mixer

Once both beaters are placed inside, we are going to glue this to the top piece of our mixer. Our last step is to glue the rectangle where our swing top is to the inside of the hole of our mixer and give it some pressure and time to dry.

attaching top of 3d paper kitchen mixer

Now you can put your bowl on the stand, and voila! You have a beautiful kitchen mixer. You can fill this with treats and gift it, or you can use it as decor.

3d paper kitchen mixer

I also made a paper cake to display with my mixer. You can find the file for the blank cake on my website by CLICKING HERE. The decorations for the cake came from Cricut Design Space, but you can decorate your cake any way you like! 

3d paper chistmas cake

I hope this project inspired you to Make Something Beautiful®! Follow me at @lacedesignsstudio for more party and paper decor ideas, and share your creations with Cardstock Warehouse on Facebook and Instagram! Tag your own projects with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page! Happy Crafting!

Amanda (@lacedesignsstudio)

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