Baby Flower Shower Shaker Card

Baby Flower Shower Shaker Card

We all know how the saying goes, "April Showers Bring May Flowers." But do you want to know what else it brings? Babies!!! Doesn’t it just feel like a mass of babies are born in the Spring? OR is it just me? During this Spring I get the MOST baby shower invites. Seriously, one year I got 8 invites for showers happening over a 1.5 month span! Seems like I was buying/making cards everyday, lol!! This time I’m ready - and I have a temple all set to go!! Now, so do you!!! 

I have a free umbrella template too! You can just pop this into your cutting machine and play along. Speaking of that, let's get started, shall we?


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Aquamarine Stardream Metallic
    • Limone Sirio Color
    • Nude Sirio Color
    • Smart White
    • Gold Touch MirriSparkle Glitter
    • Park Green Colorplan
  • Umbrella Template (click to open, then right click to save)
  • Embossing Folder
  • Wet/Dry/Hot Adhesive
  • Sequin Mix
  • Acetate
  • Flowers / Flower Svg File / Flower die
  • Sentiment / Stamp Sentiment
  • Ink / Stamp Block 
  • Pop Dots
  • Sewing Machine / Needle 
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Gems

Cut a piece of Smart White card stock down to 3 ¼ x 4 ¼ to make a flat card. I chose to not have a traditional folded card. I simply can write on the back of this card. Saves time and paper! Also cut down a piece of Aquamarine paper down to 3x4. Grab your embossing folder. I used a cute heart one but you can use any that you have on hand. :) Emboss the Aquamarine card stock with the embossing folder. 


embossing aquamarine stardream paper

Create a stitch around the border of the embossed paper. I used a contrasting color to make the Limone paper stand out even more. Using any of your chosen adhesives, glue the embossed paper to the white card base. 


stitching border on embossed piece and attaching it to white background


Cut out both of the umbrella templates - the outline and the base. I used MirriSparkle Gold to accentuate the lining and the handle of the umbrella. Also, cut out the shaker base (which is actually the outer lining). Some people use thin foam to create a shaker, I like to cut the base out several times from my Smart White paper. You can choose whatever you like here. I cut the lining of the umbrella out 6 times in the white card stock. I also cut the base umbrella template out in acetate once, for the shaker cover. 


die cut umbrella pieces in white, gold, and yellow

Using wet glue (please not hot - it will not, attach the 6 lining pieces together, one on top of the other until you have a solid and sturdy piece. 


layering umbrella outlines together to create shaker cavity

Grab your solid umbrella base and handle. Attach the handle to the top of the umbrella and attach the shaker base as well. Line up as best you can - not like I did. Ugh..I would strongly suggest that you use some patience and work with wet glue only instead of hot glue. Again, trust. ;) 


adding paper layers to umbrella base

Flip the umbrella over to the back and carefully add strips of foam tape to the handle. This will make your handle stand out a bit on your card.


adding foam tape to umbrella handle

Lay the umbrella on top of your card base and use hot glue to adhere the bottom part. Be sure you know the angle of which you’d like to have the umbrella. Once you add that hot glue - there’s no turning back, lol! 


attaching umbrella shaker cavity to card back


Make a little sequin mix that matches the color you chose for your card. You only need a couple pinches per card. Add the sequin mix to each of the lining compartments. 


adding sequins to umbrella shaker cavity


Add the Gold Sparkle lining piece to the top of the acetate using wet glue. Tip: add along the edges that can’t be seen from the front. After adding the wet glue, carefully set it down and leave it to dry. If you start fussing with it, you’ll smear the wet glue on other parts of the acetate and it’ll look a hot mess - again trust :) Cut off any excess acetate if there is any.


gluing gold sparkle layer to acetate


Then, using wet glue, carefully add the acetate/lining to the top of the sequin. The gold color makes the umbrella pop!


finished sequin umbrella


Now it's time to embellish! If you know me, you know I LOVE making and buying flowers. I really think it holds about 20% of my craft stash! So, it wouldn’t be a post from me if I didn’t add some. Grab your flower tools, flower files, premade paper flowers or die and cut out a bunch. I used small dies for mine, but you can use any flower dies you have or cut some with your electronic cutting machine. You’ll want them to be small enough to layer on top of the umbrella. I cut my flowers out of Smart White, Park Green, Nude Sirio, and a random light pink I found floating in my scrap pile. 


 die cuts for flowers

Using your flower forming tools, form your flowers into a ‘cup’. I did cut out quite a few because I didn’t know how many I wanted on top of my card. 


rolled flower die cut pieces

Here’s a little tip. (shhh...don’t tell anyone I told you. It’s our little secret ☺️) Use a pointy petal die or cut file for the leaves. I didn't have any small leaf dies or files that I could use. But I do have a pretty poinsettia flower die that was the perfect fit. Cut out a few and cut off all the petals. Now simply fold the petal in half down the middle. If you don’t trust your folding, then score them down the middle and fold. Alternatively, you could find a leaf you like on your electronic cutting machine.

turning a flower die into leaves

Now it’s time to layer the flowers you chose. I layered two or three flowers on top of each other using hot glue, to make a full bouquet of ‘flower showers’ :) 


adding flowers to umbrella card

You can choose to leave your flowers as is or add gems to the center. Might as well go all the way and add the gems like I did! You can use wet glue if yours don’t already have adhesive on the back. Unless, you have a really teeny, tiny hot glue gun nozzle, this is the best option. Could get goopy otherwise. (is that a word?) 


adding flower centers

Grab your pre-made sentiment or your stamp, ink, and stamp block. If using a stamp, find a coordinating piece of paper and stamp your sentiment. I stamped on a strip of the Limone paper that I used for the umbrella base.


stamping tools for stamping sentiment


After stamping your sentiment or choosing your pre-made sentiment, add small pop dots to the back. One on each end. 


adding foam to back of sentiment

Bow the paper a bit in the middle with a pen or bone folder. Place the sentiment over the umbrella handle.


sentiment added to umbrella card

We are done with our Flower Shower Card. Do you love it?? I certainly do!! I used an extra sheet of my Limone paper to create an envelope to pair with my card using an envelope punch board. Here are a few close up and finished pics.


finished Flower Shower Umbrella Card

Thanks for stopping by! If you are bombarded by baby shower invites as I am, make a few of these in your free time so you can be ready! It would be a grab-n-go type of situation. :)

Please be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think. If you’re fancy – tag us in your creations on Facebook or Instagram. You can use the hashtag #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page!



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