Last Minute Christmas Cards

5 Last Minute Christmas Cards

Here we are enjoying the fall, loving the leaves, playing in the snow... then… BAM!! Christmas is ON THEE WAY!! And you don’t have ANY cards made!! 😲😱 Don’t worry, I gotcha covered! 😉 Here are 5 EASY, FAST cards you can put together in NO TIME! Plus, I have SVG’s for all of them!! Yay! Meet me in the craft room to get started!! Let’s go!!

I have grouped everything you need for each card in its own separate SVG to make it easier. The SVGS are listed in the supplies above.

We will start with card number one, the abstract tree and stars. Cut the card base (perforated) once and the insert twice. I cut my abstract tree out twice for a little bit more stability. Cut out as many stars as you want. Be sure to cut out at least one of the larger ones to use as a tree topper.

die cut pieces for last minute Christmas cards

Take one of the insert/panel pieces and add double-sided tape to the back, then secure it on the inside of the card to write your sentiment. You may want to write on this first in case you mess up.

adding insert to last minute Christmas cards

Layer the two abstract trees together with wet glue to give this piece some really nice dimension.

layering together two die cuts with wet glue

Apply the abstract tree and stars as desired. Remember to place the larger one on the top. I used black ink to stamp my sentiment.

stamping sentiment on last minute Christmas card

Add foam dots to the back of the front panel and attach it on top of the card base, and card 1 is done!

adding decorated panel to card base

Now let's work on card 2 with the triangular Christmas trees. Cut out the card base and the insert in white and the second insert in translucent vellum to use as a front panel. Cut out the Christmas trees in whatever color combination you like. I cut my trees out in one color to make everything easier, and because the Mirror paper is just so shiny and pretty! Plus I like the monochromatic look. Feel free to cut the outline in one color and the inserts in another.

die cut pieces for Christmas card

Lay the outline tree pieces as desired on your vellum. Wet glue is best for this.

adding outline trees to bottom of front card panel

Add the solid pieces as desired. I put foam tape under mine to add dimension. On the back of my vellum piece, I added foam tape under the solid tree parts. This will help to secure the vellum to the card without any adhesive showing.

adding tree pieces and foam tape to card panel

To mimic fake snow I adhered mini white dots above the trees. You can use a gel pen or flick paint for this instead.

adding snow embellishments to card panel

I peeled off the foam tape backing and then I took the tiniest double-sided clear glue dot that I could find and adhered it to the top of the vellum to secure it. I hid it underneath one of the white snow dots so that it doesn’t show on the card.

gluing front panel to Christmas card base

It's time for card 3, the winking reindeer! Cut out the card base and two inserts. Adhere one insert to the inside of the card base, and use the other as your top card panel.

die cut pieces for rudolph card

Adhere all the little pieces to make a reindeer face on the remaining panel with wet glue. Apply foam dots to the back of the panel and add to the top of the card base. I used red ink to stamp my sentiment to match my reindeer nose.

stamping sentiment on reindeer card

Isn't he so cute?

winking reindeer Christmas card

Let's do card 4, another reindeer card! Cut out your card base, insert/panel, and reindeer pieces, and glue them all together using the same process as above. I told you these would be easy! 😉

assembling reindeer Christmas card

The final card is the string of lights card. Cut out the card base and the two inserts. Adhere one of the inserts to the inside of the card, and use the other as your front panel.

die cut pieces for string of lights card

Apply the colored light bulbs to the white bases. This helps with stability. I used wet glue for these steps. Then, add the tiny black bulb bases to the bottom and the white “glare” strips to the side of the bulbs.

die cut Christmas light pieces

Using wet glue, attach the tangled cord to the top of the remaining insert. Add foam dots to the back of your lightbulbs and attach the lightbulbs to the card as you see fit.

adding paper lights to Christmas card

I used hot pink ink to stamp my sentiment and silver Stickles on my lightbulbs to finish off my card.

Christmas lights card

That’s it! We’re all done! 🙂 I hope these quick and easy card ideas come in handy during your Holiday Card Giving Season!!

DIY Last Minute Christmas Cards

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Toodles, Tmika

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