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3D Valentine's Day Cardstock Paper Tic-Tac-Toe Board

3D XOXO Tic Tac Toe Board

Hi, Crafty Friends! Amanda from Lace Designs Studio here, and I am so excited to share a fun Valentine's Day paper craft with you! I built a cute Tic-Tac-Toe board out of Cardstock Warehouse Mirror paper that can be used as a decorative piece or played with your loved ones... or BOTH! Let's get started! Gather up the following craft supplies...


As always, I started by uploading my project into Cricut Design Space and setting the files up properly for my machine. Then, I chose my cardstock colors (listed above) and cut all my pieces. I used the MirriCard Mirror paper and Stardream Crystal for this project because I wanted some shine and also wanted my final project to be nice and sturdy!

You'll want to cut these papers on a double-cut setting to ensure it cuts all the way through. After cutting, I laid out all my pieces. For this project, I’m going to work by color.

I decided to start with the white pieces since they were a little more straightforward. I folded along all of the scored lines and glued where the tabs met. I used Bearly Art® glue on the tabs. 

Building frame for Valentine's Day 3D Paper Tic Tac Toe Box

Once all of the pieces are glued, you’ll have sections for the frame, the rows, and the columns.

Building frame for Valentine's Day 3D Paper Tic Tac Toe Box

You’ll want to start building your frame by gluing all of the diagonal edges together to form a square. You’ll notice some markings on the inside pieces; this is where we’re going to line up the columns and rows. Attach the long rectangular pieces first, then add the rows that have the cutouts. 

building frame for Valentine's Day 3D Paper Tic Tac Toe Box

I decided to add a “backing” so that this can be played lying on a flat surface or standing up. I used a 10.1” square without resizing the original file when opened. Now we can begin building the X’s and Hearts. We’ll want to fold along all the scored lines and then add glue until each piece is sealed. You can either do 4 X’s and 5 Hearts, or 5 X’s and 4 Hearts.

mirror paper die cuts for 3d Xs and Os for Valentine's Day Tic Tac Toe Box

Now you have the cutest little display and/or game! Have fun with your family or your gals and enjoy playing! :-)

Valentine's Day 3D Paper Tic Tac Toe Box

I hope this project inspired you to Make Something Beautiful®! Follow me at @lacedesignsstudio for more party and paper decor ideas, and share your creations with Cardstock Warehouse on Facebook and Instagram! Tag your projects with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page!

Happy Crafting!

Amanda (@lacedesignsstudio)

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This is SO cute! I couldn’t even tell it was made of paper (obviously should’ve known from your blog though 😂) – I thought it was acrylic or something 😍 Absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Indya | The Small Adventurer

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