Candy Hearts and Magnolia Leaves Valentine's Day Garland

Candy Hearts and Magnolia Leaves Garland

Hey Crafters! It feels like we just finished Christmas and now here we are with all the Valentine’s Day crafting! Today, I am going to show you how to create a fun table garland for your Valentine’s Day party! This project is a combination of my Candy Hearts Wreath and Christmas Garland from last year. Follow along as we create a cute conversation heart garland. Let’s gather our supplies.

You will need:

  • Cardstock Warehouse papers:
    • Candy Pink Colorplan 100lb
    • Mid Green Colorplan 100lb
    • Pink Sapphire MirriSparkle
    • Red Wagon MirriSparkle
    • Moss Lessebo 83lb
    • Cherry Lessebo 83lb
    • Pitch Black Lessebo 83lb
    • White Lessebo 83lb
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Bearly Art® Glue
  • Cutting machine or die cuts

Let’s begin! Start with a similar design to the one shown in the Design Space screenshot below. I have added a leaf (#M5058534F), a rose (#M505A0411), another leaf (#M44F7F) from Cricut Design Space, and the conversation hearts I bought last year from Etsy. For reference, the leaves are about 5” in height, the hearts are about 3.5” in height, and the rose is slightly smaller at a little under 2” tall. Next, begin cutting. I used Mid Green and Moss for the leaves and White for the tall skinny leaves. I used a combination of White, Candy Pink, and Pink Sapphire for some of the hearts, and for the other half of the hearts I used White, Red Wagon, and Cherry, and for the rose I used Pitch Black and Cherry.

papers, Cricut Design Space screenshot, and die cut pieces for Valentine's Day Candy Hearts and Leaves Garland

To assemble your garland, let’s begin with the leaves. Start by folding them in half along the score line. Take your fingers and sort of bend them at the top so that the leaves have a more natural curve to them. Next, cut your ribbon to size and begin layering the leaves using your hot glue gun on top of the ribbon. I’m doing this pattern: one on the left, one on the right, and one in the middle, then repeat. 

Gluing leaves to ribbon for Valentine's Day Candy Hearts and Leaves Garland

Once the leaves are glued in that pattern, go in and add a few more leaves in random spots to make it look more full. Then, add the white leaves in random spots.

gluing leaves to Valentine's Day Candy Hearts and Leaves Garland

Next, assemble the hearts and roses. Simply use your Bearly Art® Glue to layer the pieces together. They are very easy but turn out so cute!

layering roses and candy hearts for Valentine's Day Candy Hearts and Leaves Garland

Finally, adhere the white leaves, hearts, and roses to the garland using your glue gun. You can add as many or as few as you want. 

adding hearts to candy heart garland with hot glue

And ta-da! Your conversation heart garland is complete! This is perfect for your dining room table or you can even hang it from your door! There are a lot of possibilities!

Valentine's Day Candy Hearts and Leaves Garland

Thank you for following along and happy holidays!

What are you crafting for Valentine's Day? We would love to see! Show us your creations on Instagram or Facebook! Tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured in our stories. 

Happy Crafting!
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