Inkjet Glitter Printed Mini Gift Box

Printed Glitter Mini Boxes

Hey, crafters! Have you checked out Cardstock Warehouse Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter Paper yet? It comes in 5 great colors, but today I am going to use the Silver and Gold to make some cute mini gift boxes three different ways. Let's get started!


  • Cardstock Warehouse papers
    • Silver Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter Paper
    • Gold Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter Paper
  • Bearly Art™ Glue
  • Printable pattern
  • 3D box die, die cutting machine, or gift box punch board

There are three easy ways to make printed 3D gift boxes, but they all start out by choosing a printable pattern and printing it on your Diamond Print color of choice. I chose some star and heart patterns and printed them on both silver and gold. I love that these glitters don't shed at all, and the patterns really pop when you print on them! (I am using a Canon TS9521C on the "8.5x11 borderless" and "best" settings.)

Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter printed Silver and Gold papers

First, let's make a box using a metal die. The Hexagon Treat Box Die from Whimsy Stamps is perfect for this project because you can get two per 8.5" X 11" page, and it's a fun shape! You can use this method with any 3D box die, just remember to put the cut side of your die against the patterned side of your paper to get a nice smooth, glittered edge. 

Die cut hexagon 3D box piece for 3D Miniature Gift Box

Fold along all the score lines, and then glue the tabs to create the box. I use tiny clothespins to hold the seams shut while they dry. 

Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter 3D Miniature Gift Boxes Assembly

Let the glue dry for a few minutes, remove your clothespins, and you're all done! 

Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter 3D Miniature Gift Boxes Silver and Gold

The second way to make small gift or favor boxes is to use a gift box punch board. There are multiple types of these on the market, but the one I have makes square and rectangular boxes. Using the specifications printed on the punch board, cut and score a piece of your printed glitter paper. 

Using gift box punch board to make Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter 3D Miniature Gift Boxes

Carefully fold along the score lines, tuck in the tabs, and you're done! These don't even require any glue! 

Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter 3D Miniature Gift Boxes Silver and Gold

The third method for creating small gift boxes is to use an electronic die cutting machine. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from on Cricut and Silhouette for 3D boxes and I can't wait to test some of them out! (I already know this paper cuts beautifully in a die cutting machine on the "glitter paper" setting with two passes.) 

Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter 3D Miniature Gift Boxes

I can't wait to fill these little boxes up with party favors for my daughter's party! 

What are you making right now? We would love to see! Tag Cardstock Warehouse using #cardstockwarehouse on Facebook and Instagram to show us your unique paper creations!

Happy Crafting! 

Erica (@wanderfuldesign)

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