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3D Paper Strawberry Basket

3D Paper Strawberry Basket

Who doesn’t love fresh picked strawberries?!?! Let's make an adorable strawberry mini treat boxes with a cute little basket to hold them!

  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers:
    • Cherry Lessebo Colours 83lb
    • Shitake Lessebo Colours 83lb
    • Kelly Green Lessebo Colours 83lb
  • Glue: I used a glue gun
  • Die Cutting Machine (Cricut or similar)
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Treats to fill strawberry boxes
  • Cut file from Etsy

Start by cutting out all the pieces. I made 6 strawberry boxes & 1 basket. Let's make the strawberry boxes first. I used an embossing folder to add some texture to the strawberry.

supplies for 3d strawberry basket

Then I added glue to the tab and gently curved the piece to make a cone shape.

folding up edges of 3d strawberry

Add your treat in the strawberry box and then take your string or twine and thread the holes. Gently pull them together and tie the twine.

sealing 3d paper strawberries with twine

Next, take the leaf and tread the twine through the holes and tie a bow.

tying twine onto leaf of 3d strawberry

Now we are ready to make the cute basket to hold the strawberries, first fold all the flaps.

folding pieces for paper basket

Then, glue all the sides together.

attaching sides of 3d paper strawberry basket

Take the 2 square pieces and glue one inside the basket & the other on the bottom of the basket to create the bottom.

gluing on bottom of basket

Finally, glue the 2 strips on the top of the basket.

adding trim to the top of 3d paper basket
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Happy Crafting!
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