3D Paper Pencil Tissue Box Teacher Gift

Paper Pencil Tissue Box

School is back in session!! I hope you guys had an AWESOME summer with the kiddos. It's time to reel everything back in and get back on schedule. I always give the teachers a little something to make them smile on the first day. But because my daughter is in high school and has so many teachers, we decided to make just a couple for her favorites. This project is so cute and simple to put together - but it packs a big punch!! I don’t have the same SVG I used available for you for free, but I'll link it below and you can get your own. :) I have also attached some alternatives that are free that will work. With that being said, let’s get started!!


The Creative Fabrica design I cut was very easy to put together. I cut out all the pieces that I needed. I would also like to point out that I created the center hole and offsets myself. All of the files I attached are just basic pencil SVGs. Once you import it into your cutting program, you can complete the offset panels and the hole at that time if you want to. You can also cut it as-is and use rectangle dies to cut the panels and the hole manually. I couldn’t decide what color I wanted as my base, but ultimately, I decided on the yellowish-green Pistacchio Woodstock. It's such a fun color, and the 105lb weight is perfect for a sturdy box. 🙂

die cut pieces for 3D Pencil Tissue Box

I laid out my panel. Side note: I enlarged my SVG to fill the whole sheet. I had to "cut" the file at a place where I could put it back together, so I connected the pieces using a flange. A flange is a piece of cardstock folded/scored in half and cut the length. This a good way to make things bigger than your mat. I also made a frame around the hole. I just created an offset (silhouette) and made it into a compound path. Voila! Perfect frame! (This is optional.)

flange and window for 3d Pencil Tissue Box

The next thing is to build up the pencil. I wanted to make sure that I lined them up as close as possible. I left a tiny gap between the pieces on purpose.

adding panel pieces to 3d Pencil Tissue Box

Now we are going to add some character. It needed a little depth. I took my black and white pens and traced along the perimeter of the pencil.

adding pen accents to 3d Pencil Tissue Box

I left the one panel that falls nearest to the hole empty. I wanted to add foam there and extra personalization. I added foam dots to this panel only. I wanted it to stand out since I added a name. I then added that panel to the pencil.

adding final panels to 3d Pencil Tissue Box with foam tape

Flip the pencil to the back and fold over all of the perforated edges. We will start closing the box. Add hot glue to the flaps and attach them to the blank side next to it. This is how it starts.

folding and assembling 3d Pencil Tissue Box

How you close the bottom part of the box is up to you. You can tuck the flap in on the inside or glue it to close it up permanently. (I did that.)

finishing assembly of 3d Pencil Tissue Box

I got a few boxes of tissue from the dollar tree. The tissues are soft and thick. With freshly-washed and gloved hands, take out a nice-sized chunk and cut it in half. Put them side by side so you can reload the tissue box.

cutting tissues in half for 3d Pencil Tissue Box

Open one layer and put one layer inside of the other half. Fold using a "back and forth" method. Now you can place the tissues in the box!

folded tissues for 3d Pencil Tissue Box

Now you're done!!

finished 3d Pencil Tissue Box

That’s it! Did you like what I made? Will you try them? As always, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you!

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Toodles, Tmika

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