3D Paper Valentine's Day Gumball Machine

3D Paper Gumball Machine

Can you feel the love tonight?? (I’m singing this in my best Lion King soundtrack impression.) It’s time to spread love, joy, happiness, and hugs!! I’m starting my Valentine’s Day paper crafting off with a little home decor. We are focusing on metallic papers, so I pulled out my arsenal, found a FREE SVG, and went to town! Let’s Get Started!!

After you have downloaded all of your SVG files provided in the link above, upload them to your electronic die cutting machine and adjust the score line formatting for your specific machine. Then, cut all your pieces. (I use the double-cut setting when I am cutting mirror and glitter papers to ensure it cuts all the way through!)

Now, let’s start putting them together. I like to lay all my pieces out to make sure I’ve cut everything and cut it in the right color. We are going to start with the base of the bubble gum machine. I put everything together using double-sided tape. Since I am using metal paper and acetate in my project today, I really want to make sure it stays adhered. Adhere double-sided tape to all of the sides of the base and put them together. Use the bone folder to make sure that it adheres well.

constructing base of 3d paper gumball machine

I’ve also cut out all the acetate pieces that I needed. You can barely see them in the photos but I have two circles and two rectangles. I also have two rectangle frames as I mistakenly did not convert the solid lines to dotted lines, so it cut off my tabs. And because that was the last sheet of my black mirror paper, I fixed this by cutting it again and clear acetate. Voila! #hack So don’t forget to convert those lines people! I used Bearly Art® glue to adhere the acetate to all of the pieces. 

constructing acetate windows for 3d paper gumball machine

Once that has completely dried, start by adding the circle frame to the base. All you need to do here is adhere the tabs, they fit perfectly in line with the base. Do the same thing with the side rectangle piece. Be sure to connect the tab to the base and to the side of the circle. At this time you should have both the front and back circles adhered and the side rectangles.

constructing base of 3d paper gumball machine

Here’s where I messed up... again. 🙄 Go ahead and attach score tape to your square insert. This keeps everything above the base. It should have been adhered before we sealed the last acetate piece, but I thought I knew everything, lol! So I’m doing it a little backward here. This was a little bit tricky, I added a little bit of glue stick to help me guide the piece in a little more gently. It allows a little more movement for me to get the part settled.

constructing inner section of 3d paper gumball machine

Now it’s time to prepare the top/lid of the bubble gum machine. Place your three pieces like this and adhere the oval parts to the side using the tabs provided. Fold over all of the score marks and attach the side tabs. I decided to use the sparkly red glitter paper to cover the top of my lid. Match the pieces accordingly and use double-sided tape to attach all of these pieces. I added a pom-pom to the top of the lid to use as a handle. I also added some festive heart and valentine ribbon.

constructing lid for 3d paper gumball machine

Homestretch guys! This is so easy and fun to put together! Here’s where you can play a little bit. I decided to go with a hearts embossing folder and emboss all of my layering pieces. I added double-sided tape to all of the layering pieces, for that awesome 3-D effect that I love! Now we can go ahead and take the base layers and the perimeter strips and apply them to the base. 

constructing 3d paper gumball machine

The last step is to attach the details where the “bubblegum chute” is. I added double-sided tape to those as well and attached them to the front of the base. 

constructing 3d paper gumball machine

And voila! We are done! I absolutely love how this turned out! Such a perfect decoration piece for the Valentine's Day season! You can also take this file and make it into your own style and use it all year round! I decided to fill mine with pom-poms and crinkle paper for decoration, but you could put real candy or cookies in yours if you want. 

 3D Paper Valentine's Day Gumball Machine

I hope you like what I created and it inspires you to Make Something Beautiful® with your metallic and sparkly papers from the Cardstock Warehouse! As always, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you! Please be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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Toodles, Tmika

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This looks SO cool! I love gumball candy machines. I used to have a body-sized one before my house burnt down; now I just have the top of one, but I still love it. I made a Christmas ornament that looks like a gumball candy machine based off someone else’s blog post and I absolutely love it! These things really grab the attention of any sweet tooth like me – and I really love that you added hearts to yours 🥰

Indya | The Small Adventurer

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