3D Paper Gingerbread House

3D Paper Gingerbread House

Hi Crafty Friends! Can you believe I never created a Gingerbread House as a kid? The crafty world is my best option of making a Gingerbread House without all the crazy clean up I’ve heard stories about, lol. I made mine pink because it's my favorite color. :) Let's get started!


  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers:
    • Stardream Metallic 105lb: Crystal and Rose Quartz 
    • Translucent Vellum 48lb (The bottom of the house has a cutout in case you'd like to enter a battery-operated tea light and see the light through the windows.)
  • SVG File - EssyJae Gingerbread House
  • Cutting Machine
  • Bearly Arts Glue
  • Flatback Pearls (I bought mine from Blingee Thingee)
  • QuickStik Pick Up Tool
  • Hot Glue

First, you'll need to upload the file and format it for your paper colors. I am using Rose Quartz for the house, vellum for the windows, and Crystal for all of the details/roof pieces. After uploading my project into Design Space and completing my cutting, I decided to start folding along all the scored lines. I feel like this always gives me a better idea of where I want to start.

die cut pieces for 3D paper gingerbread house

After all pieces were folded, I began gluing the white pieces on the respective insides of the house. While the house remains flat and unassembled, it is easier to add all the decor (snowflakes, trim, etc) - I forgot the door trim and glued it later on but had to be careful not to apply too much pressure.

building walls of 3D paper gingerbread house

Next, I grabbed the vellum, window frames, and pink window decor and started gluing them. The Vellum goes behind the frame, and the pink sides get glued to the front, as window shutters would look from the outside of a house. Repeat for all 5 windows. You can now also glue your windows to their designated areas on the house.

windows of 3D paper gingerbread house

Now you’ll want to grab your completed halves and glue them together. Line them up and continue gluing all the way around until all sides are sealed.

assembling sides of 3D paper gingerbread house

At this point you can also assemble and set aside the poles for the outside, as they’ll be applied at the very end.

bulding porch poles of 3D paper gingerbread house

Now we’ll work on the roof. You will grab the folded triangle piece, and with the tabs facing upwards, instead of to the back, you’ll glue the frame with the triangle cut out on top. You’ll also add glue to the underside of the roof and glue down the rectangle and triangle pieces.

building roof of 3D paper gingerbread house

Once you’ve glued the roof onto the top of your box, you can go ahead and add the poles under the inside of the triangle piece that hangs. I added flatback pearls to the roof and it definitely gave it the “wow factor”. To do this, I used the QuickStik tool to help me pickup and hold the pearls so they wouldn’t slip, and used a dab of hot glue for each so that it dried faster and remained in place without sliding.

using quickstick to add pearls to roof of 3d paper gingerbread house

That’s it! Now you have a Gingerbread House with no messy cleanup! 😅

3D paper gingerbread house

I hope this project inspired you to Make Something Beautiful®!  Follow me at @lacedesignsstudio for more party and paper decor ideas, and share your creations with Cardstock Warehouse on Facebook and Instagram! Tag your projects with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page!

Happy Crafting! 

Amanda (@lacedesignsstudio)

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