3D Paper Barnyard Box Kids Party Centerpiece

Barnyard Animals Centerpiece

Hi, Crafty Friends! Today I am going to show you how to make this adorable barnyard centerpiece! The barn is also a box that you can stash treats in! Let’s get started!


  • Cardstock Warehouse Papers:
    • Stardream Papers: Crystal, Fairway, Rose Quartz, Antique Gold, Gold, Bronze, Onyx, Jupiter, Mars
    • Sirio Papers: Ultra Black
    • Colorplan Papers: Marrs Green, Bright White
    • MirriSparkle Papers: Pink Sapphire
  • Die Cut Files
    • Creative Fabrica Barn
    • Animals/Hay came from Cricut Design Space= #M477F8387, #M49C27281, #M49C25FAE, #M41C65DA2. If you have a different machine, you can search your machine's software for similar files.
  • Foam dots
  • Glue Gun
  • Cricut Cutting Machine
  • Bearly Art™ Glue

I first want to start by saying you can use any of your favorite Cardstock Warehouse papers for this, but I highly suggest the Stardream paper line for its beautiful shimmer! They are my favorite because they make everything look so elegant. As always, I start by uploading my project into Cricut and after cutting, I lay out all my pieces and always start with either the base, or smaller pieces that can be put together quickly.

die cut pieces for barnyard centerpiece box

I started by grabbing the two sides of the barn, folded along the score lines, and then glued them together using my Bearly Art™ glue. (You can buy Bearly Art™ glue with your paper order in our "craft essentials" section.)

assembling pieces of barnyard centerpiece box

After they were glued side by side, I continued gluing around the score lines to seal the box. I used this specifically as a Centerpiece, but if you wanted to use it as a favor box, seal around the edges on the top, but leave the bottom open to fill. Once the box is sealed, you’ll have the base done.

sealing up barnyard centerpiece box

I then decided to put the window pieces together. I grabbed the outline and using my Bearly Art™ glue, attached the bronze window to it. You’ll continue this for both pieces. I added foam dots on the back of the window to give it some depth.

layered window pieces for barnyard centerpiece box

I also grabbed the outside layer of the barn box (looks like stripes) and glued each piece to its respective side of the box; the larger piece at the front, and the two smaller pieces on each side. I then grabbed the bronze barn roof and folded it along the score lines. Once I had its shape, I glued it to the top of the barn. I love the way the two colors of red Stardream look together! (Mars and Jupiter)

Top of paper barn for barnyard centerpiece

Just like that, a majority of the box is put together! I now peeled the backing layer off of the foam dots on the windows, and attached them to the front of the barn box. I decided since this was going to be a centerpiece to create a grassy area for the box to sit on top of. This is where my idea of adding the animals and hay also came in. :)

adding windows to front of barnyard centerpiece box

This next part, animals and hay assembly, will take longer than the assembly of the box and is totally optional. You can also print these if you choose, but again, the Stardream papers are so beautiful that I wanted that shimmer to be seen throughout. I glued together the animals and then decided to layer them three times with foam between each layer. The back three layers are just the base of the animals’ bodies and do not have the faces attached. The reason I layered them three times is because I wanted them to be able to “stand” on their own and look really dimensional. I attached a drop of hot glue on the bottom so they could stand permanently, but I did not want to use score tabs on the back to keep them in a standing position. Again, totally optional and I’m sure you’ll have your preference. Once they’re assembled, go ahead and place them where you’d like and glue accordingly. There you have it!! A beautiful, shimmery, 3D barn favor box or centerpiece!

barnyard centerpiece box with dimensional paper animals

I hope this project inspired you to Make Something Beautiful®!

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Happy Crafting!

Amanda (@lacedesignsstudio)

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